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Yello minna-san! Welcome to my once again re-vamped FanFiction Profile page, where you see the status of my stories, and possible upcoming stories stored in my Idea Pipeline.

I'm also the student of one Raptorcloakbecause I need to write better and longer lemons phrasing. Unless they're one-shots, two-shot, etc Naru Musou: Twin Musou Dragons - Planning to rewatch the Koihime Musou anime to American looking for with the girls to continue and finish this.

Currently 4 out of 12 chapters done. Whirlpool of the Dead - Will soon be off hiatus I hope….

Currently developing the future chapters. Devil of Six-Paths: Whirlpool's Maelstrom: Valvrave of Freedom - On hiatus. Need to re-watch series. Naruto vs Kuroinu: Savior of the Princess Knights - Writing lemon in next chapter.

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Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton Kamen Rider Musou: Armored World Heroes - Still planning out the rest of the story.

Cross Rondo: Naruto of the Liberation - Revised chapter 1 to be San Marino girls wanting sex in the future. Planning next chapter.

Naru EX Unleashed - A series of multi-crossover Naruto stories where Naruto and his sisters are descendants of powerful individuals from ages past. Storylines take place in hentai series.

Naruto Crossing Over - A series of Naruto crossover stories where Naruto is reincarnated along with his wives, to return to save the world as the Hero of the World once again. He is also the vigilante Masked Hood who's once apart of a group that killed rapist, but was disbanded after his three team member's were successfully broken by their pasts and rapists. He tries to live a normal life, Horny women in Hiltons, VA with the rise of the Maid Masters targeting his new friends, he returns to action.

Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton Dawn Rising Naruto x DC - Naruto defeated Madara, Obito, and Sasuke and won the Fourth Shinobi World War, but at great cost, as all of his loved ones and fellow shinobi were killed during the fighting, and he gained the powers of his foremother Kaguya Ootsutsuki.

With nothing left in his world after his relic hunt and erasing everyone's memories of chakra, he was sent by the gods to a new world called the DC Universe, and ended up in Gotham City, where he starts a new life.

The Arkham Knight Naruto x Batman: Arkhamverse x Arrowverse - Tired of the endless cycle of heroes imprisoning villains, only for the latter to escape and make innocent lives hell, Naruto ends his affiliation with the heroes as Red-X and evolves into the ruthless vigilante, the Arkham Knight. Can he finally free Gotham from the darkness of the Joker?

The Suicide Squad were put on ice until their next mission, and that mission has come. Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton

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Uzumaki's Testament Naruto x Bible Black - Naruto and Naruko transferred to an academy rumored to have been the base of operations for a witch coven twelve years ago. The fact that this Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton Club" practiced black magic interest them greatly. Beautifyl one of their classmates awnts a black book in a storage room deep within the basement of the institute where the club was, the twins and their friends are thrust into a horrifying world of the occult and sex.

Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton I Am Want Sexual Dating

With Walpurgis Night coming up fast with one of their friend's life on the line, Naruto and Naruko races Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton the clock to retrieve the book, but when they delved deeper into the mystery, they discover a hidden secret involving the book and their mother that shocks them to the core.

Naruto of the Borderlands: Just as Naruto delivers the final blow to Sasuke, killing him once and for all, the game was changed as the Hyperion Corporation invaded, attacked the Allied Shinobi Forces, and began wiping out all of the Elemental Countries in search of the mass Eridium stored beneath the large country.

Naruto rushed back Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton where the Allied Shinobi Forces and arrived just in time as a Hyperion Dropship struck their Beautful, causing the ground to fall beneath them, killing almost all the shinobi encoubters to defend the Elemental Countries. Naruto had landed on a defunct key that absorbed his chakra, causing it to release the Rabbit Goddess and the Mother of the Siren, Kaguya Ootsutsuki, who then bonded herself with Naruto.

Just then, Hyperion, led secretly by Handsome Jack, stormed the place, and seeing only a weakened Naruto, who at the last second used the last of his Shadow Clones to hide the survivors, was taken by Hyperion, mistaken to be the Siren inside the Vault.

Jack also had Sasuke's body, which found itself next to Naruto, taken for study. Naruto was experimented on, but his strong encountrs, Kaguya's words of enckunters, and his newfound connection with Angel kept him sane. Angel, who discovered that Naruto was known as the Child of the Prophecy and the Chosen Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton, saw a savior in Naruto, as she suggested to her father Jack, to transplant Sasuke's eyes into Naruto.

However, Sasuke's eyes were instead absorbed by Naruto's own, with the higher-ups in Hyperion gaining more interest in Naruto. Also, Angel used her ability to pump Naruto's brain full of knowledge about technology…while flirting and teasing him to Kaguya's I attract most Bismarck North Dakota women. While Jack was busy with his plans to take over Hyperion, Angel seized the opportunity and used her Phaseshift to help Naruto escape the Hyperion Faculty.

Once away, Naruto used the time to develop a unique weapon just for him and train in his new Siren abilities Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton manifested to the Phasesight.

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As a result, he and is class were punished with reviews. After Naruto returned home with his Bijuu Kurama and their maid Orihime waiting, he takes off his illusionary mask and plans for when he reveals his true self. However, Ms. Smith, an agent of the Inter-Species Exchange Accord, drops off a nervous Lamia named Miia, with Naruto becoming an involuntary "volunteer" in the government homestead program for monster girls.

Fairy Tail DxD: They are settled in the massive island of Uzushio, with Mito Uzumaki as the ruler who guided the clan through the deceased Age of Shinobi.

Centuries later, they enter the Age of Magic, where people used mana for magic instead of chakra for ninjutsu. Of Lonely ladies looking real sex Shanghai, the Uzumaki clan adapted to the Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton in times, as they learned every single type of magic art before they were classified as lost.

He is also the Rave Master who wields the Ten Commandants: He Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton has battle maids at his deck and call who were former kunoichi of the Age of Shinobi.

He Beuatiful fighting worthy opponents the that would provide him with a wnts challenge. He also seeks to to add new girls to his harem.

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When he learns about the return of the Dark Wizard Zeref, someone he thought he killed long ago, he embarks on a mission to kill the evil mage wahts and for all before he exterminates humanity. Naruto's battle maids are the Naruto girls, but the Fairy Tail girls get the most focus.

He is one of the survivors of the 4th Holy Grail War that killed his family except for his mother and sister, and also caused memories of their past life to return. Vowing to destroy the Holy Grail, he trained in the magus arts of magic, while also retraining himself in the art of ninjutsu.

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Upon completion of his training, Kushina gifts him with the powerful Regalia ring. One night, years after 4th Holy Grail War, Naruto was leaving school, when he finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly encounter between two Servants, making Naruto realize that the 5th Holy Grail War has begun.

He attempted to escape, but was forced to fight one of the Servants and fended him off. Miraculously, he retreats to the Uzumaki, but Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton same Servant returned to finish what he started before Naruto could activate the wards.

During the battle, Naruto unintentionally uses the Regalia with a magic seal to summon four Saber-class servants who aided him. Realizing the true power of the Regalia, Naruto aims to gather an army of Servants to rebel against the battle royal of other Servants and the mages who summoned them, along with those who wield their own Regalia, with the intent to draw out the omnipotent Holy Grail and destroy it.

Naruto Uzumaki: She raised him until her apparent "demise" in the 4th Nova Clash, with Gengo Aoi Wife want hot sex Patton up the reigns. Beaktiful

Local Sex - Casual Encounters Beautiful housewives seeking sex tonight Lawton Oklahoma

Naruto lived a normal life while training with the powers granted by Maria. After he graduated college and prepared to strike out in the world, he is recalled by Gengo to Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton 13, and saw that he created five female artificial humans by using Maria's DNA. He spent a few years with them before they were put into suspended animation due to their bodies being unable to withstand the power of the Stigma.

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Gengo attempted to put Naruto into suspend animation fearing the same thing, but the sisters helped him escape the compound, escaping to his acquaintance turned friend Howard el Bridget, who was informed of the situation. Over the years after this escape, Naruto Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton a bounty hunter, mercenary, private investigator, and occasional bodyguard, traveling the world with his base being the remains of what used to be his original mother's island homeland, Uzushiogakure; and his Housewives looking sex tonight Emmons Minnesota 56029 family consists of Gehenna, his partner who's a spirit inside the reanimated body of Natsumi Hosaka, a girl Naruto failed to save from a serial Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton he was hunting, whom he killed when he Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton the deed; Elina Horny bitch Portugal, Naruto's personal maid and secretary and young woman whose Naruto saved, and life she now leaves in Naruto's hands; and Shirohime and Kurohime, two souls from the Royal Oni clan whose souls are housed in the greatsword and o-katana Naruto wields.

Additionally, he married Noelle Alongrutch, and they had a daughter together: Satellizer, who after an incident involving Howard el Bridget's son Louis, now only has eyes for her father. Naruto Resurrection: When their Rasengan and Chidori collide, a dimensional portal was formed, with Naruto absorbed into it and Sasuke blown away until Kakashi retrieves him.

As for Naruto, he is ejected from the wormhole and thrown into a world dominated by creatures called Aragami. With his newfound powers, he fights his way out of the city. For the next three years, he wanders the Earth. Kaguya Ootsutsuki, the goddess within him who was sealed after absorbing the Kyuubi, along with the other Bijou prior, suggests for him to go to the country of Orario in the Western Lands to live a new life, of freedom. He managed to fight them off, but was severely weakened by the time he got to the borders of the Western Lands and arrived in Orario.

The next two years consists of Naruto training and recruiting allies to take Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton the Dungeon in the future, where the story begins. Ahri Uzumaki: After being successful in bringing Sasuke back, Naruto is imprisoned and sentenced to be executed by a still alive Yondaime Homage, who revealed that he killed Kushina before going into hiding to master the powers of the Yin Kyuubi, leaving Naruto to suffer. Their souls passed on and ended up in a dimensional rift, where the souls of Naruko, Kurama, Kushina, and Kaguya merged into a nine-tailed fox spirit.

Black Zetsu tried to take her over like before, but failed as the Sage of Six-Paths Chakra awakened within her and obliterated the lesser demon. Upon arriving in a strange land called Runeterra, on the island nation of Ionia, the new Naruko christened herself as Ahri Kurahime Uzumaki, and with plenty of time on her side, left to explore Runeterra.

After Caitlyn calms her down and lets her take the boy with them they go to Hiruzen and start getting answers out Housewives wants real sex Lake Mary him.

Upon discovering the reasons they volunteer to adopt him and raise him. Stern Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton loving mother Caitlyn, Teasing older sister like Vi, Brash yet smart Naruto, oldee be as skilled in machines as Vi is, uses moves that were inspired by Vi and takes Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounters Lawton her in personality of punch first ask questions later.

Then, portals suddenly opened all over the Elemental Countries as Outworld Bezutiful invaded the Chakra Realm, and with all its fighters exhausted, the Chakra Realm was quickly conquered.

The only way for the Chakra Realm to regain Find Kilgore freedom was to win Mortal Kombat, or else their realm would merge with Outworld. Years ago, Shang Tsung detected the Kyuubi's energy signature when Obito Uchiha freed "her" from Kushina seal, before it was sealed into Naruto.

After learning of his hellish life as the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, which even had Shao Kahn feeling pity for him, the Emperor Lawgon his fncounters return with Naruto to Outworld, where he received harsh training to get stronger by Kitana, Jade, Ermac, Reptile, and Rain. Naruto left Shadow Blood Clones to take his place in Konoha so they'll be none the wiser.