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Find one night stand in Jacksonboro South Carolina

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Frank and Karen Oleskewicz fandkolesk msn. Wednesday, April 15, 7: Nght Stroud Email: Orlando, FL How good do you think this onee is?: Excellent Comments: Sunday, April 12, 8: John Jack McLain Location: Maricopa, AZ How good do you think this site is?: I was a medic in the 12th Hospital Flight Surgeons Office.

I am interested in joining Find one night stand in Jacksonboro South Carolina 12TFW organization. Almira Drive Maricopa, Arizona Sent: Saturday, April 11, Greg Gertz Email: Minneapolis How good do you think this site is?: Great Site Comments: I really enjoyed seeing some of the photographs of Phu Cat in particular.

Walterboro Live | Keeping You "Plugged In" To Colleton County

I was there in ''72 with Art Leonard. Keep up the good work! I looked and the link on JJ enterprise did not include the patches.

Thank You. Friday, April 03, 7: Dennis Tidwell Email: Hartselle, Ib How good do you think this site is?: We really did try to duplicate problems that were turned in.

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Thanks to those who served and continue to serve this great country of ours. Friday, April 03, 4: James P.

Find one night stand in Jacksonboro South Carolina I Seeking Adult Dating

Rowan Email: Maple Grove, MN How good do you think this site is?: Very good site Comments: It was being closed, so ended up in Phu Cat. Find one night stand in Jacksonboro South Carolina spent the last 2 weeks guarding the Comm Ctr's. I was one of the last 26 individuals to leave the base when everything was turned over to the VNAF.

The only AF folks left were the advisers.

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Miss Arizona was much prettier and had more personality then Phyllis George. I also took care of the squadrons mascot "snoop". Was a sorry day to take her to the vet.

Momma san offered to buy her, for lunch. I think snoop knew this, as she tried to bit momma san several times.

She was afraid to clean my room because of snoop. One night a VNAF tried to break into my room to steal my tape recorder. I caught him and turned him might to the air police.

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They were there to witness nine of their own being disciplined having a bamboo stick used on the backs of their legs as they layed on the Fuck buddy echuca. One of them was the guy I caught. Got down to Quin Nhon to bring fans, bedding, chairs, Javksonboro, etc.

Global Incident Map Displaying Gang Activity, Gang Arrests, etc

Well these are some of my memories. Don't remember names so well, but if you remember one or more of these events, drop me a line.

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Sunday, March 29, 6: Alan Knott Email: JudyandAlan aol. Chattanooga, TN How good do you think this site is?: Really a GOOD one!

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CRB Feb Feb Really have enjoyed the pics and the memories. Ed Fenner's picture of either pictures Dale Lee or myself leaning on the nose gear.

Does "Ye Olde Grey Eagle" bring back memories of that aircraft. I was ih crew chief when she was lost on 19 Nov. Then I was assigned to Now it is on display at the Peterson Museum as tail number Thanks to MSgt Jacksonbro for keeping us Focused.

Saturday, March 28, Bill Troth Email: Saint Charles, Illinois How good do you think this I can suck for hours is?: Friday, March 27, 6: Bob Daley Col Ret Email: Long Beach, Ca How good do you think this site is?: Brings back memories.

I was there in in the Hammers. Flying the Phantom Sent: Monday, March 23, Col William A. Schauer, Jr. Full of good memories! Wow, double whammy! I will fill out a membership request soonest.

Aloha, Willy Schauer Sent: Thursday, March 12, 1: Dan Trampe Email: Muskego How good do you think this site is?: I am attempting to locate a manufacture of the th and th TFS patch. Any information regarding my search is greatly appreciated. Sunday, March 08, 9: James 'Jim' Hoffman Email: Fort Worth, Find one night stand in Jacksonboro South Carolina How good do you think this Jaclsonboro is?: This is an excellent site.

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Thursday, February 26, 1: Charles R Lauer Email: Marion Ohio How good do you think this site is?: This is an excellent site FW Comments: I noticed the 12 Th TFW patch is different from Willingboro NJ bi horny wives one in I would sure like to find out from someone all of the medals we were authorized.

I would like to someday pass these on to my son! Find one night stand in Jacksonboro South Carolina, February 25, 8: Phil Schmitt Email: PSchm aol. Modesto, Caropina How good do you think this site is?: I served a total of 18 months in country. I was assigned to weapons de-briefing at Phu Cat and was a weapons loader in Da Nang.

My children are now grown, I've become my father and I sleep every night with a woman who has been my wife for 40 years but still could never understand how it was.