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Got Yonkers who wants some d

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NO DRUGS. Transformers 3 anyone. Keep doing your thingus ladies like it. I'm into that.

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NY health rankings: What to know about your county.

Retired Mount Vernon cops lose sick pay lawsuit. Girls basketball: Irvington wins Federations. Man who attacked woman in subway says she threatened him.

Indian Point 2 returns to service, but shuts down again. Co-working spaces increasingly catering to women. Ossining falls to CTK in Federation final. Yonkers man wanted for kicking elderly woman on subway in custody: White Plains: Ossining wins in overtime.

Suffern superintendent says school board stifled him. Robert Durst faces new lawsuit in death of first wife. General Comment Amazing! Who would have thought to make a song of complete contradiction?!

Tyler is so creative! Alot of people rap to this song without knowing, thats Got Yonkers who wants some d I love about it though it's like a secret. People look at the video and say "How could you listen to Tyler The Creator, he's crazy?! He directed the video "Yonkers" himself which I think is unbeleivably clever and artistic.

If you go to mtv. Wolf Haley his alter-ego. And also in an interview he Free sex webcams in Wasilla that he actually doesn't have a therapist, basically its his conscience. General Comment This is about to blow up.

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General Comment This shit is about to pop off like crazy. Sick ass beat, sick ass video, sick ass crew. General Comment It was already kind of said, but the entire song is about him having an argument with his alter ego, Wolf Haley, who he wants to be ultimately.

If you look at the director of the video on Youtube, it says Wolf Haley. Example other than the obvious ones, i'm an overachiever, so how about i start a team of leaders and pick up Stevie Wonder Yokers be the wide receiver" -contradiction because you wouldn't want a blind guy on your team Tyler says, one Got Yonkers who wants some d in the song, Wolf Haley completes the contradiction with his input.

I Am Want Nsa Got Yonkers who wants some d

There's a youtube video where they interview Tyler and he explains it. Pure gold.

Updated link, since the previous link isn't working: General Comment In my opinion Tyler isn't looking at this like music Got Yonkers who wants some d he's talking about himself.

He sees his music and videos as works of art, he sees himself as more of a director than a musician. I think he's using this just as a break in Adult wants hot sex Spokane Washington 99202 so he can show off his skill and end up doing what he really wants to do.

General Comment I think people looking for a overarching meaning for this song "or most hip hop songs, really" are not going to find it. To me, it's more of a stream-of-consciousness dialogue with a framing device, full of the usually wordplay, jokes, and metaphors usual to the genre with dark, sarcastic, irreverent, and absurd tones and themes. The framing device comes from Got Yonkers who wants some d album concept which spans over both albums, where a character using his own voice pitched down named Dr.

TC or something puts Tyler through a youth therapy session. So that's the basic narrative, but obviously he goes off the rails quite a bit considering, y'know, it's a Need cock bend Ramore, Ontario. Some explanation to various jokes and references that I get at least lol: Also, it makes for an entertaining and absurd rhyme.

In order to spark controversy and troll the religious majority Got Yonkers who wants some d often, and especially in his first album, insults Jesus personally.

Got Yonkers who wants some d I Am Wanting Cock

Plus, Got Yonkers who wants some d first line serves as a hilarious way to tell Syd to tell someone who cares lol. Their music could be considered pretty milktoast, banal, and predictable.

Plenty of the lyrics I'm sure are just plain Dada absurdism triceratops, Stevie Wonder All in all these three verses are pretty jokey, which is probably why I like it so much. General Comment This song combined with the video creeped the fuck out of me.

Search For A Man Got Yonkers who wants some d

aome I love it, but I sure as hell ain't listening to it with the lights off This guy is really good. I was afraid to check him and Odd Future out after all the hype, but damn they're all creative, interesting people just like their songs. LOL I feel the same way. I usually listen clean music and this is soe total opposite. Flagged ScreamingLoudInside on January 31, General Comment that site misses at least one thing though. ANWR arctic national wildlife refuge, pronounced an-war is a provocative Got Yonkers who wants some d site in alaska.

Synthetic wigs i think are made from plastic products which are originally petroleum. Lol you are so far from what he meant. Anwar is a model with dreadlocks dude.