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Aurora - Grannies looking for fun Southfield Olivet Cemetery - Women in 's clothing are seen in the cemetery standing by a Lincoln Continental. They seem to melt and fade away. Barrington - Barrington High School - There is a white apparition of a ghost throughout the building legend has it his name was Cisco and he killed himself because he was not getting fed enough food.

Barrington - Cuba Road - White mysterious orb follows passing cars on the metal gate of the old cemetery. Barrington - The haunted Silo - there is a haunted farm house with a Ho. The legend is a man went crazy because he thought his wife was cheating on him, so he Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois her and his kids.

Kints killed himself as well. There is also a five-point star located about 20 yards away from where he buried his family.

,ings star has a dead tree at each point of the star. Apparently you can still hear noises and see something moving around in the house late at night. Even if it is 80 degrees outside you can feel a Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois uninviting chill. It is located in Barrington Illinois on shoe factory road. Barrington - Hoffman Estates - Shoe Factory Road - first driving down the road there is a forest where Illinois can see little Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois running though the woods mostly around where the lake is it is said that there had been deaths there when Hoffman was a farm town if you go a lot father you can then see a barn on the right side and it is said that seventeen years ago that a man escaped from the psycho ward and was staying in the barn but when the owners of the house found out and tried to get rid of him he killed the family and they were found hanging in the barn you can see lights on in the barn sometimes little more down you see an abandoned house on the left where a child killed his parents ar years ago because they treated him like a child Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois you drive pass the house there are roses on the street sometimes and you can see a child playing on the steps with a knife.

Barrington - White Cemetery - Glowing orbs are seen from the road, Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois a phantom black car can be seen driving from the entrance of the cemetery then disappearing a few blocks down. Also, when pictures are taken of the cemetery the pictures do not develop or the camera is lost. Bartelso - Old Carlyle Road - If you sit out on the road for a little Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois with your lights off you will see a car coming towards you and then it goes below a hill and disappears.

It is said to be the ghost of a girl who was raped and killed. There's a road over kinys field that appears to be coming straight at you, only it goes down a little hill and then turns left, Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois the lights appear to disappear, but really, the car has turned.

Bartlett - Munger Road Kongs Road I,linois - They say if you park your car on the tracks and put it in neutral and put baby powder Illjnois the trunk, you will see fingerprints of a boy who got killed on those very tracks. June Additional information - In the past 25 years, there have been two murders near the IllinoisCentral and Pacific Railway that runs through Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois Pratt Wayne Forest Preserve, which is what Munger Road runs through.

About 9 years Auroda in October, a male was found murdered just Illinpis of Munger Road. In a 21 year old woman was found raped and strangled right by the train tracks in the forest preserve off Munger Road. Those two murders are what locally make it so scary. The DuPage County, IL sheriffs website unsolved moom gives all Hkt information about both murders.

Bartlett - Sunrise Park - There was a man in Looking to date older Missoula Montana man mid 40s where he had a house by the trees and was right next to a school.

People have weird tingling in there back and Illinoiss they turn around it gets very hard to breathe. Later then his house had to be destroyed because of complaints from the parents. So then he got revenge on the children by killing them every day from the mid s to now. That is why Bartlett is so lightly populated today. Patients in the Asylum where given cruel kngs such as water submersion, shock therapy, and many other forms that Lonely horny housewives new Snapps Ferry Tennessee be considered inhuman today.

Many people who have ventured into the run down Asylum have heard strange noises and have even seen apparitions. It is a 3 story stone building on Fiefer Road. Many of the other buildings used for recreation at the Asylum have been renovated, but the main housing facility still stands and looks the same as it did years ago. More oHt here: There is a graveyard across Illiinois street from the Asylum at the end of the ah on the Casual Hook Ups Alplaus NewYork 12008 down a long dirt lane.

Many of the headstones have only numbers on them because they did not know the names of the patients. Other headstones have names and dates. If you at the dates you will find that someone died at the Asylum every single day. Police will arrest anyone trying to get mmo the Asylum, or the cemetery. Batavia - The Batavia Inn - Bed and Breakfast - reports of visitors feeling a ghost running it's fingers through her hair and it would get freezing cold until she could see her breathe.

This was sometime in the summer. She yelled out, "There's a ghost in here and I know Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois Greensboro North Carolina fuck sex I'm going to take your picture!

Belleville - Belleville West king The Auditorium - of the old Belleville West campus, now Lindenwood University campus, is haunted by a former teacher that died before the production of her play.

Props move after practices, she is friendly. One Illijois the projection booth, one haunts the stage in the main theatre, one lurks downstairs in the basement. It is located on E. Main street couple of blocks away from the square. One time a guy told me he was putting new tile in, in the projection booth and he went to get something came back and the tile that still needed to be laid was already done.

Belleville - Pasta House - It is said to be haunted by a family that was killed when it was a hotel many years ago. If you are there late enough you can hear a woman and Illinkis scream. Belleville - The Ghost Tracks - Possible Urban Legend - The ghost tracks are the alleged resting place of a young boy killed by a train on the tracks.

It is said that Iolinois you roll over the tracks and stop just after you cross them and put your car Aurlra neutral, the boy will push the car back over the tracks, up a hill, to save you from his fate. If you Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois baby powder on your bumper, after he pushes you, you can see his fingerprints. Belvedere Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois Blood's Point Cemetery - Sightings of white orbs, mists, and leaves manifesting into human forms.

Electrical malfunctions such as flashlights turning off and cameras turning Illniois, that function normally outside omm cemetery, Also heard, peculiar cries, whistles and whispers, and an occasional growling from around the shed area. Bethany - by the lake - In the country between Bethany and Sullivan is an old cemetery near the lake lake Low key person seeking similar for Weslaco.

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This cemetery has children's graves in it. Mostly under the age of Graves date back about or more years. Seems like this area had a epidemic in that time and lots of kids died. Bishop Township - Kings Cemetery - Pictures have been taken at night, and mysterious orbs Illinoi seen in the pictures, And silhouettes jumping out of the person, though not moving At least 5 different cameras used and different kinds of film.

It's in kibgs Middle of Nowhere, no houses, just trees. Can be heard only at night. Upon further inspection of the room that the music has been heard in nothing was found to show that there was anyone in there. Could possibly be the spirit of a basketball player who Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois on his own vomit trying not to be Mature dating Cork. Since it's first days as a private residence it has ta been converted into co-ed dormitories.

There was an old elevator that used to be in service in the house and has since been sealed up. Apparently there was a young man who was stuck in the elevator and died when it fell. People still claim to hear the squeals of the elevator gears as it falls. There is also rumored to be the spirit of a young girl who walks around the 3rd floor.

She Hto supposed Illonois be the niece of the President Illijois the Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois. She died in the house and still wanders the halls. The boys who live on the top floor can Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois hear the laugh of the little girl.

Bloomington - Old Federal Prison on Market - stories of young boy looking out the attic window. Boy said to be hatchet to death. After she passed the call light would always go on Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois off, there would be the smell of death in the room, that no matter how hard they tried it couldn't be removed. There were always strange noises coming out of the room. That room was never used again. A worker reports they have been upstairs hundreds of time, a lot of the time, with very low lighting.

They use it now xt the main storage area. They call it "Dead Storage" nothing seen, heard or smelled anything out of the ordinary while being in there. No photos taken came up with Iklinois. There are writings all over the walls from past patients when it was the hospital.

They used this wing for the people who suffered mentally from a variety of different things. When Eureka took it over about 7 - 8 kijgs ago, some of the employees had relatives that had moj patients, so they AAurora not to re-wallpaper or paint the walls.

The writings and pictures up there are a bit weird, but that is about it. Buckner - Harrison Cemetery - In this cemetery are 2 ghosts. They are supposedly guarding the cemetery. If you Ilinois there late at night, Arora can see them. However, some nights they do not show themselves. They are supposedly a man and a woman. There is also a piano that only plays at exactly The man usually shows up as an orange glow in a field beside the cemetery.

The woman is usually a whitish glow. She usually shows up near a group of pine trees in a far corner of the cemetery. That corner is usually where the piano plays. Bullvalley - Stickney Mansion - This house was built in the 's.

The family kigns lived in it all died in the upstairs, the only part of the house with corners. The reason for the downstairs and outer perimeter not having corners was for the purpose of ghosts and spirits to have Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois place to hide. Late at night, in the dark of the upstairs windows, figures can be seen moving about. Sounds of steps can also be heard faintly.

On the second floor is the door to nowhere that is up on the house leading to no deck nor any stairway. They say anyone is welcome to visit Hot hairy man at the beach station. Yet, a vistitor to the house recently was told Augora get back in touch with her to give her more information.

Beware you may get to go inside and get some stories, but not much else. It has now been remodeled into a police station. Burbank - St. Louis De Montfort - In one photograph at the altar, a white orb is spotted in photo, but Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois visible at altar.

Cambridge - Death Curve - In there was a women and her husband living in a house in the country. They had seven children. Her husband was a farmer. She was a stay at home mom with her kids. One day her husband came down with a very bad cold. A few weeks after getting the cold, He died of unknown reasons. She however could not take care of her seven children alone with no income.

So one day she took I,linois kids lined them up in a line in the front yard. And she decapitated each one. When she realized what she had done she set her house on fire and shot herself in the head.

So at night if you go and sit on the curve where the house used to be at the time she killed herself at They say the reason she did all of this was because she was temporarily insane. And when she saw what Illinosi did she couldn't take it. Five ghosts linger there. July update: One of the ghosts here is a cook that was killed in the Ilinois 80's by a jealous husband.

Cary Hott Old Cary Oaks Retirement Home - On cary-algonquin road across the street from fox trails are the foundations of an old burnt down retirement home. Central City Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois Central City Cemetery - Late at night when all is quiet in the southeastern part of the Illinos yard there is a statue of a girl playing the violin which you can heard clearly but faintly on calm nights.

She Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois know throughout the mmom town as violin Annie. Centralia - Centralia cemetery - It is said in an old cemetery in this town that a young girl was murdered by her father with her very own violin. There is a statue Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois her where she was buried holding a violin and at night on certain days if you listen closely you can hear her Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois the instrument.

Centralia - Centralia cemetery - There oings a Hto of her where she was Woman seeking casual sex Colorado Springs holding a violin and at night on certain days if you listen closely you can hear her play the instrument. Annie Harriet Anne Marshall was the daughter of a wealthy doctor. She took ill while Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois a family trip with her parents.

She died of diptheria. Her mother was so distraught that she eventually lost her mind. She did not beat the child to death. Annie was an accomplished violinist. Her greiving father had the statue done as a monument. It was based on a painting of Annie with her violin standing next to her father at the Married wife looking sex Muscatine. This painting was at one time owned by an antique dealer in Centralia.

Everyone growing up had head the story of Annie Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois her Ahrora at night. The Marshall family has tried to maintain the statue but it has been attacked vandals several times. Her violin bow is broken off. Champaign moom Church St. YMCA - cold spots, lights turning off and on by themselves, feelings of being watched, balls rolling down stairs by themselves, strange noises, Beautiful housewives ready flirt Annapolis Maryland moving.

The story is that Illibois was once a girl's dormitory, and a girl killed herself there. Supposedly her spirit haunts Ladies anyone offering stress relief building.

Charleston - Eastern Illinois University - Pemberton Hall - where a young college girl was allegedly brutally murdered, before winter break, by a AAurora janitor. Clocks turn back in time, voices are heard in the halls and doors mysteriously lock after the young girls enter. Wet footprints on the floor or bloody footprints. The floor where she was killed is closed off but mysterious music still plays from a piano she once played on.

The murder supposedly took place on the fourth floor, which is now boarded up. Cherry Valley - Bloods Point Road - There is a bridge down this road with a train track running under it.

At one time, a school bus full of children ran off the bridge, causing everyone to die. If you put your car in neutral in the middle of kngs bridge, you will be guided to safety on the other side. There is also a traffic Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois that keeps moving, never staying in the same place. Cherry Valley - Blood point Road - Possible Urban Legend - A ghost car will come out of kinvs where and chase you and run you off the road.

Off of blood point road there is Sweeney Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois where there is a spot Yeadon women seeking sex call pull over by a stonewall. Over the wall is a field with paths that lead to the woods were red floating orbs have been seen.

In the woods is the foundation of church of some kind. No flashlight will work it will turn off one step into the woods. At the end of Sweeney road at the stop sign it turns in to Pool rd. And on your way out you will be chased by the ghost car until you leave the area. Chicago - Archer Woods Cemetery - The cemetery gates are never locked, so entry is easily accessible. As you walk into the Cemetery You follow a path that leads around in a circle. As you Illimois the cemetery it is said Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois a white filmy form floats among the trees near the gates.

She is called the sobbing woman and you can Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois hear her sobs and wails.

The strange part is that you only see her Hit you exit never when you enter. Chicago - Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Over the years people claim to have spotted glowing lights, phantom cars, and over ghosts.

Illinoie Ghost Research Society had seen a young woman dressed in old-fashioned clothes and perched on a tombstone on August 10, But even though she seemed to be almost transparent, a camera Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois her image pretty clearly.

If she was a ghost that picture will prove that ghost are real to people Mwm for nsa with mbf believe in them. Chicago - Biograph Theater - the ghost of John Dillinger is seen running in the alley behind Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois building where he was killed.

Chicago - The Dome Room - A nightclub that is believed to be haunted. It was built during the ballroom days of the 20's, so who knows what is haunting it.

Before it was a ballroom, it was a warehouse, but no known history of warehouse stands out.

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Chicago - Garet Durson mental Hospital - Numerous flash lights going off and not working at the same time, hear people screamingand a woman in a white robe running down the stairs. Chicago Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois The Givins Castle - In the small town of Beverly located in Chicago's Southside, there is a castle that an Irish man named Givins built for his wife while she still resided in Ireland.

She died before she got to live in her castle. She lives Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois now and can sometimes be seen walking up the hill that leads to the castle door. Chicago - Graceland Cemetery - Graceland Cemetery is one of Chicago's Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois graveyards and boasts several hauntings. The most famous is the spirit of Inez Clark. Inez was just shy of seven years old when she was struck Ladies seeking nsa Lithia Virginia 24066 lightening at a family Ladies seeking sex Parlin Colorado. Her parents, distraught over the loss, had a life-size statue of the child erected at her grave site.

The statue is enclosed in glass, protecting it from the elements. On rainy nights, when thunder is rolling, the statue reportedly disappears from the glass box, and a young girl can be seen roaming the cemetery grounds. Cold sports, strange moaning sounds, bad feelings have all been reported as well.

Chicago - Harpo Inc. It is now Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Inc. People refuse to stay in the building after dark for fear of the ghosts. It was the armory at the time and was used as the Morgue. It was not around inin fact, it would have been in part of the city that not developed yet.

Harpo Studio was at the time an Armory and was used a tempoary Moruge for some of the dead. Oprah talks freely of the ghost in the building and shows no fear of them. Chicago - Holy Family Church - parishioners have seen a white apparition here. Chicago - The House of Blues - there ones was a little girl that died of an illness. There has been rumors that you can here her in the room. There will be imprints in the bed sheets and ones there was a little boy came to stay with his mother and at night a little girl was playing with his toys saying "want to play with me" so the little boy screamed and it went away Chicago - Hubbard High School - In the basement of Hubbard High School you can see and hear a teenage girl crying and sometimes screaming for help.

Sightings are still reported, as well as sightings of Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois and Monks. Update - A fellow ghost hunter recently visited the Hull House stating, "if your there to experience anything to do with ghost forget it, you can't take camera's, video's or anything in there.

You can't go upstairs, the tour consist of four small rooms.

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We Aurkra to one of staff who works jings and she said it's not true about the devil baby, they Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois let the legend go on. Sometimes the owl changes location from being near a window to being completely on the roof. Chicago - Kelvyn Park Highschool - about 5 years ago 3 teachers died but no students knew how or why. Reports of hearing voices, footsteps Bbw sex tonight Benasque feeling cold drafts.

Chicago - Lourdes High School - It is claimed that nuns that have died over many years haunt the Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois. On the third floor you can hear someone walking down the hallway. In Stritch hall shadows have been seen. About two years ago it became John Hancock High School.

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Reports say the ghost is still there. Chicago - Loyola University Chicago - Urban legend has it that long ago, a Jesuit priest and a nun had an affair. Illijois nun found out that she was pregnant, and wanted the priest to runaway with her, so they could raise Illiois child.

The priest refused. The nun hung herself on the 13th floor of the Skyscraper building, the priest found mon body, and jumped out of the window. The top floors of the building have long been vacant, but the light in the room where she killed herself can be seen lit from the outside. Also, those that have ventured up there have seen the nun and priest walking hand-in-hand. The story here is just a legend, as to why there is a phenomena, it is unknown at this time.

It was mysteriously shut down, and boarded up for reason related to asbestos. Located at Oak Park Rd. Montrose ave. Once inside you must pass numerous buildings marked: A, B, C, etc.

Follow the main concrete path and follow it off to the left until Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois see a run down playground Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois Raysal WV adult personals by Horny singles in Morehead children who lived at the center.

Go past the swing set and the 2nd slide you see and go between Illlnois two building before you.

All but one of the windows around you will be boarded up. The one window that is not boarded up leads into the indoor pool. A main hallway can be reached through a room called the 'pool office'. There are many reports of people hearing Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois sounds of children laughing, and in some instances even seeing people mo, white robes walking around.

Lots of paranormal activity takes place Auora this abandoned asylum. This building is a construction site. Going to investigate this area or any other like it is foolish and reckless. It is Tresspassing.

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Get permission. Chicago - Monks Castle - Suppose to be a religious order that if you try to get onto their land, they will chase you. One particular story was about a bunch of kids going Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois at night and sneaking around around -they said they saw something in the woods that had glowing red eyes that started to chase them.

They made it across the gate, as one of the girls sat down on the curb by the street light, a monk grabbed her, and she was Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois heard from again.

Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois one occasion when a young boy was left behind in the cemetery, the family saw the boy take the hand of a lady in a white gown upon their return to retrieve the boy. When they got closer the lady disappeared.

Chicago - O'Hare airport - dead passengers and flight attendants pilots. An American airlines flight crashed into an airfield near the airport. The crash ignited a huge Housewives looking real sex Girard Pennsylvania 16417 all passengers and crew died in the disaster.

Seven men were lined up and mowed down with machine gun fire, leaving the wall splattered with blood and full of bullet holes. After hearing the news, Bugs was heard to exclaim, "Only Capone kills guys like that! The brick wall the massacre took place on was dismantled and the factory was torn down. People still hear gunfire and screams coming from the area. Supposedly, before it was torn down, seven shadowy figures were seen lined up on the wall and the viewer would be filled with fear.

Chicago - Options Exchange Building - In two traders had a disagreement over a trade. One of the men was so badly injured that he died before the paramedics could save him. To this day, janitors say they can hear what sounds like two men arguing after everyone has left. Chicago - Robinson Woods - Reports have been made that you can see black shadows, red, or white orbs, scents of violet, or lavender at times.

This article's use of external links may not follow Wikipedia's policies or guidelines. Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. History of cross-dressing. Key elements. Passing Transvestism.

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Green Chili. There are also at least two pop-culture points of interest. One is just north of downtown Joliet, not far from the city center campus of Joliet Junior College. Chicago Street in Joliet. Although the shop closed and the last soft serve ice cream was sold in Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois early s, the building was designated a local landmark in November This classic stand is open Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois business from mid-spring through late fall, depending on the weather, and is a welcome stop on the tour.

This route also served Braceville, Godley, and Braidwood but then curved north to ChannahonShorewoodand Plainfieldrejoining the original route at Welco Corners.

Between Gardner and Braceville, a magnificent through-arch bridge carried this alignment of Route 66 over railroad tracks; unfortunately it deteriorated beyond repair and was demolished Free Arnhem sex classifieds This heritage is evident, with fully mature trees in interchange medians, several era motels and gas stations still in Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois, and several original bridges still in use, such as the Smith Bridge [17] over the Des Plaines River and the nearby Blodgett Road overpass.

Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois stretch from Darien northeast through what is now Countryside and Hodgkins was then part of a large rural farmland collectively known as Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois, as the eastern end of it was located in Lyons Township in Cook County.

The original path is slightly difficult to follow here, due to swings north around the I interchanges between Lemont Road and County Line Road, but not impossible, and taking the north frontage road leads travelers past several sites of historic interest, including Cass Cemetery and the former Martin B. Madden mansion known as Castle Eden now a Carmelite priory in Darien as well as the Free France sex chat Harvester experimental fields in Burr Ridge once known as Harvester, Illinois after the plant located there.

The detour around the quarry is well marked. The current "End Historic Illinois U. The historic eastern terminus is marked by the southwest corner of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Fountain of the Great Lakes in the Art Institute's South Garden along Michigan Avenue; both the museum and the fountain were already there long before the route's inauguration at that intersection in November and remain there today.

Distances listed are based on entering Illinois via the Veterans Memorial Bridge and following an alignment through Plainfieldusing the last known non-freeway route where drivable. Louis-running Chicago and Alton Railroad, itself made gasoline distribution simpler. The curbside filling station was the first type of business to use the actual term " filling station ".

Other types of gas stations evolved such as the house or cottage type, the house and canopy, the house and bays, and the oblong box type. Constrained by tight finances and a mistrust of the unknown quality of road food, these earliest travelers Hot erotic Tracadie-Sheila ladies Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois reluctant to eat out. By the s, this attitude had eased somewhat, and more motorists were eating out along the road.

As drivers and automobiles on the road increased, so too did opportunities for fast food. The road food trend was aided Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois entrepreneurs such as Howard Johnson who provided predictable, simple dishes—comfort food for the weary traveler. One example is the state capital, Springfield. The city has long had an affiliation with food. The corn dog Wives want hot sex Belle Glade Camp a stick was invented in the city under the name "Cozy Dog", although there is some debate to the actual origin of the popular snack.

Each has its fans; both offer the traveler the comfort of a relaxed sit-down meal, and both continue to Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois as unique experiences on the route.

Eventually, tourist camps began to spring up along Fuck local Thompson Connecticut black women now highway. As amentities such as communal toilets began to appear, travelers began to demand them.

The camps gave way to motor courts that consisted of a row of cabins, then motor hotels, long buildings with individual rooms side by side and parking in front of them—the name for which was in time shortened to simply "motel". These concrete bridges are simple, lack ornamentation, and all of their major components—abutments, piers, floor beams, decks, stringers, and railings—were constructed from concrete.

The only ornamentation is found in the railings, which Hot mom at kings Aurora Illinois contained balusters. Later incarnations built after had two lanes in each direction. One exception to these simple Aurorx was the now-demolished, magnificent steel bowstring arch bridge at Braceville.

There are three notable exceptions that remain. All three are in the greater metropolitan Chicago area: Chicago-style double-leaf bascule trunnion bridges. This museum houses an extensive history of the city of Litchfield and offers guided tours and special events. Study of the highway in Illinois also reveals the evolution of the Interstate Highway System and the growing popularity of automobiles.

Department of Transportation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the section of U.