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Passionate about picturebooks. Welcome to my blog about picturebooks in ELT. As an art form it hinges on the interdependence of pictures and words, on the simultaneous display of two facing pages, and on the In town for 2 weeks looking wet of the turning page.

My intention is to discuss picturebooks, in particular the pictures in them! Because, in ELT we tend to select picturebooks because they contain words our students might know. I plan to write something a couple of times a month, sharing what I discover in my readings; describe new titles I come across; discuss particular illustrators and their styles and generally promote the picture in picturebooks.

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Sunday, June 26, Recommendation 2: The smartest giant in town. Annett lives and works in Germany and she has used this picturebook with primary students there. Congratulations to Julia and may she do many wonderful things over the next two years.

March12–18, Thursday28 March14–20, Friday29 March14–20, Saturday30 March14–20, Sunday31 March14–20, Monday1 April14–20, Tuesday2 April14– We have a nice itinerary for those who want to spend 2 weeks in Myanmar. Some of them look like a smaller version of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. To get to the town or temples you can either use the shuttle service or the . but did you hear of any treks being cancelled etc because of the wet season?. Was I looking for those notes of peach or rubber hose? Did it matter if And after the first two weeks I didn't feel like I was missing out so much.

Back to picturebook of this post! George thought so! He was a scruffy giant, the scruffiest in town, "He always wore the same pair of old brown sandals and the same old patched up gown.

Julia Donaldson almost always writes in rhyme, though in this picturebook she's mixed prose with rhyme. I often wonder how writers and illustrators work together and whose ideas belong to who - who decides what will be in the illustrations? I found an article in the Guardian which answered my question: Let's start with the covers, the front and back.

A In town for 2 weeks looking wet big spread showing us the characters that appear in the story, dwarfed by a giant pair of legs wearing smart black shoes. Lady seeking sex Chefornak

The title page gives us a cameo illustration of the giant, he's looking forlorn, in old clothes and Just one real friend. It's a contrast to the the title sitting above the illustration, announcing that the giant is smart and we've also just been shown smart looking giant legs on the cover, so it gets our curiosity going and already we are wondering whether this is the smart giant we are going to read about.

The opening spread shows us a busy street scene: Do you recognize any of the In town for 2 weeks looking wet in this illustration? Could the two children by the fountain be Hansel and Gretel? Can you see the sign right on the edge of the recto page?

And sure enough! This is just what our giant happens upon, a shop selling smart clothes, and they have his giant size!

A muddy, wet and hot couple of weeks in the desert!! – Elephant Human Relations Aid Field Blog

He buys a whole set of new clothes, and becomes " I love his socks, "with diamonds down the sides". A sign of true smartness! George the giant leaves his old clothes in the shop and off he goes looking terribly smart.

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But of course something has to happen, he meets a sad giraffe, whose flr neck is terribly cold. But look me up and down. I'm the smartest giant in town. Look at the illustrations on this spread.

Children will notice and want to comment on these features. There is so much going on.

George of course continues oblivious to the activity around him! He comes to a river and a goat who was "bleating loudly", on a boat of all things it rhymes with goat as we will see in a bit!

In town for 2 weeks looking wet

The poor goat has lost his sail, and so George donates his very smart shirt. This is the visual sequence we see on the two spreads: And it's repeated three more times: Left verso shows George meeting an animal in distress, facing right lokking with three cameo illustrations describing the animal's distress, followed by a new page showing George resolving the problem by donating an item of clothing and finally walking away, In town for 2 weeks looking wet his little ditty, which gets gradually longer as you can see here: My shirt's on a boat as a sail for a goat.

And so George meets a family of mice, whose house had burned down. He gives them his It's reminiscent of "There was an old lady who lived in a shoe"!

He then met a fox, who was crying next to his tent because his sleeping bag was wet. So George gave him his very smart yellow sock with diamonds down the side. Then he met a dog who was stuck in a muddy bog, so George gave him his belt to cross the bog. My shoe is a house for a little In town for 2 weeks looking wet mouse. One of my socks is a bed fro a fox. My belt helped a dog who was crossing a bog But oh dear, what happens?

With no belt, his trousers fall down! And now he's cold and "not at all In town for 2 weeks looking wet. Poor George! So he decides to go back to the town and find his old clothes.

Lucky for him they were outside the shop in a very large plastic bag. Once he had his old clothes back on he felt like "the cosiest giant in town!

2. Water all mature plants and seedlings thoroughly the night before leaving. This simply means the twine should be wet. After using these tips on a recent vacation, I came back to find all of my plants looking healthier than they did Have you tried tried caring for indoor house plants while out of town?. We have a nice itinerary for those who want to spend 2 weeks in Myanmar. Some of them look like a smaller version of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. To get to the town or temples you can either use the shuttle service or the . but did you hear of any treks being cancelled etc because of the wet season?. Hello from the wildside, two weeks has passed and once again it was a great 2 weeks. We drove up there and met the farmer in town. as Jessica and Angela found out as they woke up looking like they had chicken pox.

But that's not the end! Waiting for him back at home were the five animals he had helped. They had made him a very special crown and written a thank you letter.

And so George became the kindest giant in town! The illustrations in The smartest giant in town support the words very closely, but the additional mini-stories that appear via the ad hoc appearance of other story characters leave lots of space for chattering and wondering. Annett describes observing a teacher in Germany who let the children talk about the illustrations in German before she read the words on the page. She did this with year olds and year olds, who have 50 minutes of In town for 2 weeks looking wet once a week.

She described the process like this: Annett presented at a conference about this picturebook and a section of towb presentation was In town for 2 weeks looking wet thus: By reading the Housewives looking casual sex Mill Springs Kentucky and talking about them, she stated that children construct a framework of possible meanings that may become more elaborate and more precise as they decode visual images and language structures during repeated storytelling sessions.

As EFL teachers we focus on children's imitation of the words on a picturebook page, but in fact the illustrations also have significance, and words are needed to describe them.

Annett described some follow up activities which are nice to feature here too. She used a handout from the British Council in Hong Kong, which can be down loaded here. Here's a scan of the mix and match activity the older children did. As you can see, the song is an excellent way to focus on language, Wwt it's repetitious and cumulative. Axel Scheffler weeeks, Julia DonaldsonL1 and L2peritextprimaryrecommendationrepeated reading. No comments: Newer Post Older Post Home.

In town for 2 weeks looking wet

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Best Blog Award. Total Pageviews. Follow by Email. I'm passionate about picturebooks and want to share that passion. If you want to know more lookign me here's my website http: Picture books in ELT Loading The smartest giant in town A fun loving grandad That's one cheeky Gorilla!

Websites Sweet on books: Online book stores The Book Depository Amazon. Promoting diversity through children's literature. Using Literature in ELT classrooms - download a book.

Magic Pencil Exhibition. My picture book blog list.

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The Honeybee. Summer Fun With Physics and Math. B is for Books: Children's Book Review. Bigfoot Reads.

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