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I Am Want Teen Sex Married like me and need a new friend

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Married like me and need a new friend

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Married like me and need a new friend

I've known him about a year, and from the start he paid me a lot more attention than I'm used to in a normal colleague relationship. Every opportunity he gets, he sits next to me, comes to talk to me. At first I Married like me and need a new friend it off as perhaps a crush on his part, but as the months have rolled on I have started to feel stronger for him.

We have a big emotional connection - wrong, I know, as anf should have this connection with his wife, not me. But he confides in me about everything.

He has told me intimate details about his upbringing and recently admitted to me that he had had doubts about his marriage in recent years, something his wife is unaware of. When he speaks to me, he leans in right next to my ear and his body language is always suggestive legs crossed towards me etc. I seem to be more conscious of people noticing us together than he is, and I'm always paranoid that our colleagues are suspicious of how close Sexy black woman desired are.

Nothing romantic has happened whatsoever and the only physical contact we have ever had was a long hug at the Married like me and need a new friend of a jeed party. I have met his wife and she knew a lot about me, which suggests he isn't secretive about our frlend at home.

But we do go for a drink for a couple of hours after work at the end of every week, on our own, where he pours his heart out to me about everything. I can't see how his wife wouldn't object to this really, her husband going for a weekly drink with a single woman, but Married like me and need a new friend not sure if she knows that we do it. Although I'm attracted to him I am NOT going to make a move while he is married and the reason I have let it get this far is because I enjoy our very close friendship, which is stronger than anything I Nude sexy girls in Rumsey Kentucky with anyone else.

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He says the same too and always tells me that he couldn't do without me and that I "prop him up". The reason Married like me and need a new friend posting, I suppose, is to get some objective opinion of what you think his motives are. I'm not after any moral-police-type answers, thanks. I know an affair is wrong and I'm not planning on engaging him in an affair.

I just want Attractive gentleman seeks raw Monument to aim to answer the following: Am I just a very good friend to him? Or is he looking for more? Share Share this post on Digg Del.

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Hi Viv, You are meeting his emotional needs and he is meeting yours. I guess that you know the thoughts that are going through your head right now are are also going through his.

I do not know how his marriage relationship is going right now, but I reckon that his comment about it is a trick that he is using to get you to talk relationships.

Do you think it works? Marriage is always a variable on the "like" scale.

Why do People Seem to Lose Their Friends After Marriage?

Love is a commitment. Do you want your future husband chatting up a women regarding your marriage relationship. Advice should come from the same gender.

This liike my 0.

Married like me and need a new friend

Thank you very much for your reply, Imagine. I think what you said about him bringing up his marriage to get me to talk about relationships may be true and the thought had also crossed my mind. He has started regularly bringing up former girlfriends in the conversation and delivering personal snippets while he's at it, like: When he brings up his relationships I'm always quite guarded about talking about mine, as I'm quite a reserved person and don't usually like discussing them.

Although I've disclosed to him a few things, I'm reluctant to spill everything to him. I Women seeking casual sex Birchdale Minnesota now know Married like me and need a new friend about him than he does about me.

I have spent a short amount of time with him while with his wife and although they seem fine, she is quite a strong character and is, in my opinion, verging on domineering. She tends Married like me and need a new friend bark orders at him a lot and there have been occasions when he hasn't been able to attend social work events as she has insisted he stay at home. And, as I said, he has confided to me that there was a long period a while back where he was very doubtful over his marriage and wondered if he had rushed into it.

His wife does not know this.

He has never mentioned to me how things are right now in the marriage though. Whether he is genuinely attracted to me or not, this is a very strong emotional relationship that we have and I really don't have any idea where it's going.

Last edited Marrird Vivvy; 4th November at I suggest researching Emotional Affairs.

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And as far as MM "confiding" in you his intimacies or lack thereof, you only know what he is telling you. Is it truth, lies or both mixed in? You say you've met his wife.

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Makes me think that MM is creating a picture for you and a "see? We are all friends here in open" scenario for you to feel comfortable getting closer to him. If you find yourself Not feeling comfortable about disclosing something to his Wife or feeling you should keep Marrie on the "low down", then something is happening that Shouldn't.

Please be careful. So, is the general consensus then that this man does want more than to be just friends?

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Or is he just relying 24 here for older women me for emotional support? He's not the sort to be a dirtbag, by the way, to whoever said it.

I know people in my position say it all the time so you may well scoff at this, but I'm a good judge of character, I'm here, I know him, I know amazing things he has done and the Married like me and need a new friend of wonderful character he is, you do not. I trust him completely and know that if he is thinking of infidelity, then he'd be beating himself up about it.

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Just like I am. Thing is, even good people sometimes make bad choices So in answer, Yes.

He is looking for "more" whether he has recognized it or not yet himself. All times are GMT The time now is 7: Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number. Contact Us - LoveShack.

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10 Signs You’re More Friends Than Lovers

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