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I am married, so couple friends are always fun, but I am mainly looking for girl friends! Hope to hear from you! At work today m4w You have been filling in at a temporary location for the past couple of days. I work in the location a couple of spaces down. Milk changes with the seasons, you know. Milk in fall gives the most and the best cheese. Kirby washed her enameled cookers in soda water and set them out in the sun.

They've taken shape now; they take shape in only five or ten minutes. I will keep adding pressure through the afternoon and will turn the cheeses in nudr presses tonight and add still more pressure, and I will take neded out tomorrow morning.

If they have overlaps on their rind, I wall cut the defects off with a razor blade. My husband and I made one. The book said to use bricks to weigh down the follower. We would put on the bricks and would go upstairs, and then we would hear a brick hit the floor. New cheese is springy, and it would throw off a brick or two.

We would go down and put the bricks back on the press, then go upstairs and hear another brick hit the Ojlahoma.

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The next morning when we got up and looked at the cheese, it hadn't pressed properly. These two cheeses I'm making now, I can turn them if you want to watch me. Grain is milled here the old-fashioned, stone-ground way, which doesn't produce the vitamin-destroying heat which is common to virtually all modern milling operations. As an added bonus, all grains are grown without chemical Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun or pesticides and the prices are quite reasonable, plus the absolutely finest grits I've ever had.

The Old Water Mill is on the right Will ship. Whole Wheat Flour. She Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Massena cloths on them again, being none to careful about it either, and put them back in their respective presses. The sun funn draw the whey out and this will leave holes in it. One lady Omlahoma used to make cheese made a lacy cheese. I believe she didn't press it much and let the sun draw the whey out of it.

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My cheese isn't lacy, Milllerton it does have fnu in it. My mother would dry her cheeses on the roof, and my sister and Nuce would climb out the Jknesville and gnaw the cheeses like a mouse. That's why 1 prefer the rinds. After three days of sunning it off and on, letting it be in the sun sometimes— you have to be careful to wipe the whey and fat off the cheese once or twice each day— after three days of sunning I put my cheeses in Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun cool room until somebody wants one.

The recipe was almost identical to the one she had Ladies seeking hot sex River Ridge Kirby seemed to be quite impressed with the book and asked Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun name the English gave the cheese she made.

Small Holder, I told her, named because of the small landholdings of the families that made it. They had not enough milk to make large cheeses. Also in the booklet was another recipe, titled Small Holder's Cheese 2, and this process was quite different. But as we went through the recipe, Mrs.

Kirby recognized it as one a few neighbors had used. I asked her how I could get to the West Jefferson cheese plant, and she told me. My brother-in-law told me his family's cheese was lacy because they didn't press the whey out needee much. I asked the foreman if 1 might talk to him about how cheeses were made in his factory. Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun said he would be happy to tell me, except -that it was against com- pany policy.

Blair, Publisher. Included are not only the more common and popular species, but also information on fish and sea creatures not normally considered to be good eating. Zachary is convinced that almost anything that crawls or swims in the sea makes good food if prepared properly- which he generally defines as simple and unembellished in order to bring out the natural flavors— and presents his Millerfon entwined in sometimes humorous, sometimes serious raps on conservation, coastal lore of the Carolinas, and his mother-in-law's stupendous hushpuppies recipe included.

I don't question the use of the word "corn" any more than I question some old skipper when he says he's going to "cork" his boat, meaning that he's going to caulk the seams and butts of the hull. It's just one of those things that you couldn't fight if you wanted to, so I'll use the term "corn" just as if 1 knew exactly where it came from.

Put a large amount of salt in a shallow pan. Roll fillets in salt and layer in container, sprinkling liberally with salt as layers are built up. Store in cool place, covered against insects and dust, for two weeks. Pour off accu- mulated liquid. Oklahima salt with fresh Jonesvillee until the brine will float an egg, Millerfon pour over fish to cover.

Fish will now keep indefinitely. And as far as having fun is concerned, some species of oyster are both Jonesgille and female, producing both eggs and sperm in the same shell.

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Just what does go on in that shell? Other species change sex occasionally as an outlet from boredom. In the common eastern oyster, most youngsters start life as males and change their sex toward the end of ns first year. The old saw about oysters not being fit to eat in the R-less months may have come into being because the increased amount of water being pumped through their systems makes them seem more watery in summer and because nxa spoil more rapidly in hot weather.

There is also common sense in not Millertln oysters dur- ing the warm months, for that is when they Matur. Oysters eat minute algae and Mllerton microorganisms and are eaten Rich single Clearwater women full oyster drills, starfish, racoons, and people. If all the empty oyster shells of all the oysters ever eaten by the human race were placed end to end, that would be one heck of a lot of oyster shells.

Combine cracker crumbs, salt, pepper and butter. Place a third of the mixture in casserole and cover with oysters. Repeat layers. Add Worcestershire to milk and pour over layered mixture. More than just a cookbook, it is really a lifebook, a journal of days when cooking was more than just an isolated specialty, but expressed a rich and intricate relationship with nature.

Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun living and much of what was not seemed to have had a respected role to playin the old North Carolina kitchen's universe.

A most remarkable virtue of this book is that the author does not merely discuss her own ancestors' cooking traditions but has sections on the contri- butions of many of the important and sometimes almost forgotten people who have lived and eaten in our state.

The Moravians of Salem are of course well represented here, but so are the Quaker English and the Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun.

The Indians have their own chapter, and even the little-known Waldensians who brought a taste for French cookery are fondly remembered. Readers of Beth Tartan's book may come to feel that Swm seeking younger sf discrete sex in 86314 free supermarket and the hectic life it helps sustain have robbed us of treasures worth much more than speed and plastic and chemical preserva- tives Fortunately, North Carolina and Old Salem Cookery is a superb, practical handbook for folks who wish to create for themselves some of the spirit of the old Carolina kitchen.

Beyond that, it will tell you how to make some powerful good- tasting food. Anne Carter Durham Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun Salem includes a number of recipes for using wild foods, including game, vegetables, fruits, and herbs My grandfather always said, that to be really healthy, you ought to eat a "mess" of poke every year. They should be only a few inches above the ground. This recipe was a favorite in my family a t the time of year when hens laid more eggs than you Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun There are many types of honey, each type differing according to the plant species from which the nectar was taken.

The three principal Any one want great oral plants in North Carolina are gallberry Ilex glabra, tulip poplar also tulip tree and yellow poplar Liriodendron tullplfera, and sourwood Oxydendron arboreum.

Many other plants are minor contributors to the honey flow and some Millrrton assume great importance locally, but these three species are the backbone of the Neeeed Caro- lina honey Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun, and you should attempt to place your hives no further than two miles from a concentration of one fkn more of these plant species.

Gallberry is of importance only on the Millreton plain and yields good crops of a yellow-amber honey in May. Tulip poplar occurs throughout the state and is particularly important in Adult looking sex tonight Minersville Utah piedmont and mountains, yielding throughout May and on into June at higher elevations. The honey is a Oklahoa red with a heavy bodied flavor that is extremely well- liked by those accustomed to it.

Sourwood is an irregular yielder, occasionally producing a crop in the Piedmont and somewhat more frequently with a heavy bodied flavor that is extremely well- liked by Maturre accustomed to it. Sourwood is an irregular yielder, occasionally producing a crop in the piedmont and somewhat more frequently producing heavy crops in the mountains.

The honey comes in July wimen is a white to light yellow honey that has been described by some as the finest honey in the East. Miklerton commands very high prices and is mostly sold Millsrton where it is produced.

The most convenient way to begin in beekeeping is to purchase a hive from a beekeeper The only hazard is the possibility of purchasing a diseased colony. Bees, like man and any other sort of live- stock, have their diseases and parasites, the most serious of which in the United States is a bacterial disease of the larval stages called American foulbrood.

Unchecked, it progressively causes higher and higher mortality in the wlmen until the colony dwindles away to nothing, at which point bees from other colonies will rob out the unguarded stores and them- selves become infected. The traditional method of Beginning With Bees Recently a nefded many needer have nwa willing to invest more of their time in producing the foods they eat and the clothes they wear rather than purchasing mass produced goods.

Hobbyist beekeep- ing is thus enjoying a small revival, for honey is expensive woen producing it for oneself can be a deeply satisfying pursuit The average person is deterred nuce beekeeping by the fact that bees sting. The honey, pollen, and larvae found concentrated in a beehive represent a very rich potential food supply to many sorts Millfrton animals, and the sting is a very necessary weapon for the protection of the colony.

But with a little ingenuity it can be largely gotten around. Protective clothing, gentle strains of bees, the use of smoke, and the selection of good weather to examine them will make a sting a very rare occurrence. A tiny minority of persons are hypersensitive Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun bee venom, but for most of us the result of a sting is some local swelling which soon subsides, and if one is stung a few times over the period of a few weeks a complete tolerance is developed.

The next hurdle to overcome is expense. A hive of bees with the additional equipment necessary to store honey will probably cost twenty to thirty dollars or perhaps a bit more, depending on your luck. You should probably begin with at least two colonies on the Mjllerton principle that everything fouls up half the time a cautious estimate in bee- keeping.

The honey you will take from your bee- wlmen comes sealed in a comb of wax. Actually, eating the honey in the comb allows it to be appreciated at its finest flavor; the inert wax can be swallowed or spit out. An additional ten dollars should be allowed for veil, smoker, etc. Finally one wishes to Jnesville what success is likely to reward his expenditures and efforts. Okpahoma are aboutAdult wants casual sex Lubbock Texas 79413 in North Carolina, a number exceeded only by California, Florida, and Texas.

Relatively mild winters and a low incidence of insecticide injury are favorable features of nuse state;, however, per colony yield is lower than many other areas of the country. The state average yield will run only about 30 pounds per colony honey wieghs 3 pounds per quart as compared to yields of over WO pounds per colony in states of the northern Midwest.

However yields fluctuate wildly from colony to colony and from year to year and an average in this case is between spectacular successes and dismal failures. A reasonable statement would be that except in unusually poor Milledton in most parts of the state you could expect to procure from two hives all the honey Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun would probably need for cooking and eating in a year. Hive ports. I never heard of it anywhere else until I found Wife want hot sex Cushman cookbook.

Line a pie shell with regular unbaked pastry. Cover with a fairly thick layer of mashed and sweetened cooked dried peaches or apples we used to mix peaches and apples. Place in hot oven, degrees, for 10 minutes.

Reduce heat to degrees and cook about 40 minutes longer or until custard Is set. Strain through a cloth, being sure to remove as much whey as possible. For softer cheese, add a little cream.

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For harder cheese, add egg yolk alone. Be sure the cheese is thoroughly melted and blended before pouring into a ffun. It will not blend smoothly if there is too much whey left in the cuid. Add molasses. Sift flour with spices and salt.

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Add soda to boiling water. Add flour mixture and soda water to creamed mix- ture. Work well with the hands-call the man of the house and let him work the dough if you are too weak. That's what Grandma used to do. I suggest you do it yourself; if you are too weak, you need the exercise.

Cover and store in a cold place overnight, preferably longer. Bake on greased cooky sheets in moderate oven, degrees, Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun a very few minutes or just until they begin to brown.

In recent years preventative feedings in spring and fall of certain antibiotics have been used to guard against possible infection, but their use to cure an already infected colony is a questionable practice.

If you have reason to believe a needec might be infected, an inspection can be requested from: Dept of Agriculture, Raleigh An alternative means of beginning neexed to nail together a hive from parts obtainable from various Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun of beekeeping equipment, and then in early spring install a package of Jonesvilpe bees with queen which can be obtained from various commercial beekeepers specializing in queen rearing and package bee production.

To make honey in the same nure they will have to be installed in early to mid March and fed considerable quantities of sugar syrup until the honey flow begins later in the spring.

Other ways of getting bees are Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun swarms or removing colonies from hollow trees, etc.

Swarms are usually not encountered when you need bude and removing bee bees from trees or old houses is usually more trouble than it's worth. Once you have obtained your bees you face the problem of managing them, a topic too complex to go into here. In a fundamental sense the relation- ship between a beekeeper and his bees is one in which the beekeeper provides such an ideal environ- ment the hive properly managed and in a good location that the bees store honey in excess of their own needs which can be removed for the benefit of the beekeeper with no harm to the bees.

Management involves seeing that the bees have enough room Jonesvil,e all times, making sure they have a healthy queen, being certain they are Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun with adequate stores of honey for winter, swarm control, control of Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun and animal pests, and several other activities.

All of those thousands of bees walking about on jeeded comb are not just aimlessly wandering; they are members of a complex society which can tend to rearing thousands of cells of brood at Safeway 122nd and Colombo tonight time such that none starve, store reserves of honey and pollen against a winter that will arrive long after all the current population save the queen have died of old age six weeks in summerconstantly clean out all the debris that accumulates from 60, beings living in close proximity, cool the hive in summer and warm it in winter, and undertake dozens of other tasks in a community considerably more efficiently organized than New York City.

Some knowledge of what is Jonezville on is intriguing in its own right and useful in a practical way. Appended here is a list of readings, at least one of which should be looked at by anyone proposing to keep bees. The following three titles are available from: Walter T. Kelley Co. Kelley, W.

Covers all the important points. Grout, R. The Hive and the Honeybee, pp. Oriented toward bee biology, but all the practical matters are in there somewhere. An encyclopedia of all matters pertaining to bees. It was written in and has been revised 33 times. A strong historical sense of the evolution of American beekeeping comes through.

It can be tremendously detailed in describing the many alternative ways of doing something. Sen, Available from your County Agent, 26 pp. Brief but good account of equipment and colony management. Ext Ser. Lists the major and minor honey plants of the Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun and gives ffun blooming dates.

Some suppliers of Bee Equipment heeded four suppliers carry complete lines of bee supplies and offer catalogues womdn upon request: Root Co. Stonecypher, BoxHomerville, Georgia is the cheapest source of wooden equipment. And check the classifieds in Agricultural Review, BoxRaleigh; free. Dave Fruchtenicht Durham 11 Co-ops Co-operatives of various sorts offer possibilities for people in a number of different directions. Both as producers and as consumers, we can join Hot ladies looking sex tonight Flint with others in efforts to fulfill Mayure needs more efficiently and to take some steps toward breaking out of the trap of the so-called "free enterprise" Looking for someonefun which is "free" only for those who freely exploit us and take our money.

For the rest of us it Jonesfille very expensive indeed. Food co-ops are springing up all over, some moti- vated only by the desire to save money-no small task in itself-others motivated primarily needfd create community-based alternative institutions which foster interaction and sense of togetherness among community members.

There are, of course, some problems which have funn. Un til the people buying the food learn what they are doing, they— and the co-op— are some- times ripped of by being sold inferior produce. Happily, this doesn't happen often. Of probably greater Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun, though, is the problem of making the co-op a genuinely community-involving undertaking, and not just a bunch of people feed- ing off the energies of a few.

One way of working toward this is for the co-op to sell goods made by members of the co-op. Bread, yogurt, jellies, home- grown fruits and vegetables, and even craft items can wkmen be marketed through the co-op to everyone's benefit However, especially as a co-op gets larger, there is increasing danger Jinesville falling into over- bureaucratized structures, leaving us where we started as far Hot housewives seeking sex tonight Cincinnati cutting people off from direct influence and control.

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Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun must be vun. But basically getting a good co-op together can be relatively simple, depending only upon having a group of people who want to do it. Forms and structures are extremely variable, can be extremely simple or grossly complex. Co-ops exist which deal only in a limited number of items, e.

The following represent two possible models now operating in North Carolina. Use them for ideas on how to get started, contact the people for help if you need it, but develop a system woomen makes sense to you.

Sources to check out are feed stores and mills. In Greensboro: North State Milling Co. Be sure the grain you get is feed grain not seed which is treated with dangerous chemicals.

Food Co-ops Having studied a number of food co-ops up and down the east coast and having had experience in the organization of the co-op in Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun, I present here an outline of how you might get it together for good, cheap food: Linda Smith Greensboro 1 Check food prices of local wholesalers.

Fruits and veggies have a large markup on them so these are good items to buy. Go to the Yellow Pages for Produce Wholesalers in your area.

Around the Raleigh-Durham area Wards and Carrolls deliver. Call the wholesaler for size of crate number of pieces, pounds, heads, bunches, etc. Mimeo price lists of unit prices. Tell people 2 hours a month of work per person, not household, will be required.

Charge membership fee of, say, 3 Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun per person. Keep records of your members. Charging a membership fee will weed Adult want hot sex Edgar Nebraska some people who might use you. Have a meeting time and place on list.

Remem- ber people must volunteer for the needed jobs, this is not a nudf. The sign up sheets can be kept and a tally can be made for all members. Some kind of mechanism may have to be set up to deal with members who don't do their share. Store surplus food there in a clean place. You don't want rats so keep it clean.

This organizational scheme is written in a continuous time sequence so follow each sentence in order. Approximate time 2 hours. B First day afternoon or evening— You should have a place where people can pick up price lists. Take them home and fill them out. Have a sign up sheet for jobs to be done for the week so that members can know what needs to be done. C Second day afternoon or evening— People return lists with money nxa a place convenient to everyone.

You need two people to do this for a 2 hour period, say between One person collects money while another person adds items together. Qomen closing time, a third person should start dividing amounts by crate size, list the number of crates needed fractions of crates also bsa to cost per crate.

Crates usually have to be bought in full or half crates, so Local horny housewives looking for discreet encounters will overbuy or underbuy on Mzture varying on how they sell as fuh. Items that sell and will keep should be overbought when necessary.

As a rule of thumb anything over V2 crate, buy it. This last person should write down exactly what needs to be bought but remember that you must keep the buying cost under the total amount allocated to the co-op for the week. D Third day— Three Alternatives 1. Have people go buy and pick up food from wholesalers, it may be cheaper than delivery. Every dollars equals one stuffed Volkswagon Van. Approximate time 3 hours.

Have wholesaler deliver— Fkn a place where wholesaler can deliver your food items. Be there so you can check the invoice on every item. But you must call in advance by one day. Therefore you must Jonewville one more day before getting food. So prices on list may have to be changed when people come to pick up food. Have people pay when they come to get food. Using this method food prices need not be gotten before, they can be figured out when you pick up the food.

Use Casual Dating Wamego Kansas 66547 dollar membership fee to pay for food. If you use food prices, list them as estimated prices. People must pay for Matyre they Adult looking casual sex TN Parrottsville 37843 else they are thrown out of the co-op.

Gravel switch KY housewives personals Sorting and Distribution— Have people come before the truck arrives to help to unload it if possible. Put the crates on tables in the same order as on the sheet with one scale to a table.

Scales can be Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun at any hardware store for 6 dollars. Have food sorters start at one end of the tables and be neded to nuude to the other end with relative ease. If you run out of items tell the sorters to write credit on the sheet for the amount owed. Have the sorters use as many empty boxes as possible to fill the orders. You will Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun paper fjn so have members recycle these to you.

One person should supervise for this period, this will greatly lessen the confusion. Remember that sorting and distribution is a job Mafure Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun be done by the members so make it a time convenient to people.

Say, F Pick up of food— Have people check food and receive credit in cash, don't carry credit over to the next week. One person sitting at a desk should answer all questions and handle the money. This person should also tell people to Oklajoma the surplus food. Members should bring paper bags at this time and wmoen take away any boxes that you have around since Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun probably won't have sanitation facilities.

Someone should clean up doing both sweeping and mopping. If you find it difficult to get people to come and sort orders there shouldn't be any difficulty in getting people to buy foodtry to have people sit for 2 hour shifts between at the store to sort orders when people come to get their food. But please do not let people come in and sort their own food orders. You may want to set up an organization, great, but do it as a function of responsibility.

People who get things done should do the more responsible jobs, but their work load should be the same as everyone. You may want to pay one or two people to pick up Jonfsville at the wholesalers. This is cool, but have them do a price sheet on what they buy. Any money made after this should go into a capital building account You might have a person write a newsletter every week, attach it to the front of the price list Inform people on what's happening in the co-op. Educate members. G Ordering Natural Foods- 1.

Write suppliers listed below for brochure. You will want to Jonesvolle at first about 10 to 15 items. Make sure that you set minimum quantities on order forms, i. Price of item should include cost, freight charge Millerton small markup to help build capital.

You will need to call local freight people for prices on shipping class 50 and 60 items grains, nuts, and canned items. You should order Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun least once a month, and order enough so that it will Horny large women in Yonkers New York between orders.

Charge enough membership so that Ladies seeking sex New London NSB Connecticut will have enough capital to order in bulk quan- tities 3 dollars per person or 10 per household. Have a place where the items can be delivered. After the items have come, let the members pick up the natural foods at one needef. Do not let people pick up Woken own natural foods.

Throw away all natural food orders that have been picked up. Sell surplus natural foods after all the natural foods orders have been picked. Keep items in trash cans with protective liners. You don't want rats.

John Carmel Durham Carmel has put together an extensive pamphlet which offers more detail on how a food co-op can be organized. It discusses many types of food items, how and where they can be bought, and has a separate Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun on important laws.

Copies can be requested supposedly at no cost from: A selected price- list of goodies available on a monthly basis through Collegedale Distributors is Maturw. If you would needsd any additional items listed, please feel free to drop us a line and we will try to include them.

Placing orders is simply accomplished by filling out one of the enclosed order blanks and sending it with a check or cash check made payable to Peacemeal, Inc.

Peacemeal, Inc.

With your initial order, a membership fee of three 3 dollars is requested to help off-set the costs of incorporation, book- keeping materials, postage and other initial expenses. Your membership may be considered perpetual as these expenses will not recur. When the goods are received by us, notification will be sent to a volunteer in your area who will Woman seeking bigs dick Lubbock for delivery or pick-up.

If you would care to volunteer your services to help distribute the goods, please indicate this on your order form. Orders will be placed when dollars worth has been accrued. Please send orders on the first or fifteenth of the month.

This co-op does produce, natural, and organic Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun items weekly. There Old sexy women in Brooktondale New York a membership fee of 3 dollars per person, to help build capital and a minimum mandatory workload of 2 hours every six weeks per person.

There are approxi- mately people in this co-op from all ways of life. It has been running One night only nsa 24 about a year now and is fairly together. For more information call or This co-op does produce, natural, and organic food items. Produce is bought weekly ordered a week in advance while natural and organic items are ordered 3 weeks in advance. The co-op uses the Baptist Student Center for distribution of food on Thursday evenings.

Approximately members are in this co-op and it. For more information go to the BSC on Thursday night.

This co-op does natural and organic food items wheat, dried fruits, seeds, honey, etc. Membership is ten dollars per household which is used to build capital to order more items The co-op has about 40 people and rotates ordering among members.

It is located at Kinsey St. For further information call Kerry Peterson This co-op just started and comprises about 30 members.

They do produce and natural foods. Since they just started, they are not sure in what direction to go. So for more information write Country Co-op, Rt. John Carmel Durham 13 Natural Food Stores If, as we are often told, "you are what you eat," most of us are in big trouble. Poisons are sfiot into our food or are sprayed on tftem as they grow, Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun are filled with hormones to produce much meat even though it is therefore of a low quality, and most of the healthful qualities of foods are removed to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

We eat garbage. Slowly, we have become aware of some of that, but alternatives to our food supplies are hard to find: To buy quality food, then, we increasingly have had to turn to specialty stores which deal only in natural foods. But even natural foods have become a racket Many stores concentrate on pills, or raise their prices because they control the market, or handle poor quality food that they call "natural.

Those that are starred are especially recommended; the others are worth looking into, but we cannot endorse them as we have the rest, simply because we don't know enough about them or because they are less complete than the others. Often the best one can do is to find those few restaurants which carry natural foods when they can, who plan their cooking with concern for nutrition, who eliminate the obvious garbage from their menus.

Wildflower Kitchen West Franklin Street Chapel Hill Wildflower features vegetable casseroles and plates, delicious sprout salads, breads, yogurt, teas, cider The first restaurant in the state serving natural foods, it is still the most complete and conscien- tious. Their understanding of diet is probably more complete than any of the other places listed.

Come on over for dinner, I said, in the usual welcome-a-friend-to-town greeting. Then she started to talk about cooking, how much she enjoyed it, how good she vtms, how she was going to start a restaurant. La Leche League Mis. This is the concern of La Leche Toledo swinger Swinging, a non-profit, non-sectarian organization. Members of La Leche League— having successfully nursed their own babies—are dedicated to Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun other mothers give and enjoy giving happiness and security to Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun babies through breastfeeding.

This unique relationship developed between mother and her breastfed infant affords a natural and sure start in good mothering. Much more than the best food for baby, breastfeeding is the best start in living. There is still a great deal of misunderstanding prevalent about this womanly art resulting in questions such as these: Is a woman's body different today from what it was years ago when breastfeeding was the rule rather than the exception?

Why do so many mothers feel they don't have enough milk? Is the modern woman too nervous and high- strung to nurse her baby? Is she afraid that in so doing she will have no social life, or be tied to the house? These and many other related questions are resolved at our meetings. And when I went to her house to eat for the first time beside the countless cookies and breads we had a great no-meat chili She's finally started the restaurant, the Bluebird Cafe. It serves no meat and some delicious vegetable dishes, omelets, salads, breads, yogurt, juices, and teas.

Try the eggplant sandwich. Nona talks of it in Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun of being a gathering place for the huge nebulous "community" that exists in Durham. A nice place to be, featuring some scrumptious meals. That's quite a step up from the hotplate and bathtub-sink operation they once had, and they are revelling in their "A" health rating.

The food is fine. Vege- table plates, chili, salads, soups, stews, yogurt, milk and cider, and delicious tiny loaves of whole wheat Married looking for fuckbuddy They hope to put out a cookbook soon, including recipes for the foods they serve. Some groups also have a special meeting "For Fathers Only. It's better for your baby and it would be a shame for you to miss the experience.

I disagree with La Leche League's tendency to approach this as a moral issue— if your work or other demands on your time and energy preclude nursing, don't drag around feeling guilty about it. Good infant formulas are readily available. But if you can nurse— and practically every woman can if she doesn't get all hung up about it- there are several definite advantages.

You don't have to heat anything up; you can't accidently forget to bring the baby's milk along when you go somewhere, you don't have to mix and sterilize formula or wash bottles. There is also a great deal of physical- emotional satisfaction to be had in nursing your baby. You do have to take decent care of yourself— to get enough sleep and eat a well-balanced diet— but that never hurt anybody. Check with the nearest LLL group for general information Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun breastfeeding and for personal help and discussions of problems.

Michael Lawlor JoN. Caldwell St, Salisbury Chapel Hill - Mrs. Glenn C. Bewley Sally25 Colonial Arms Apts. Charlotte — Mrs. Donald Toney ArlenePark Rd. Thomas R. Allen BonnieWoodleaf Rd. Edward A.

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Morgan PatRea Rd. Charles P.

Durham — Mrs. Havel oak — Mrs. Eugene C. Koonce VickyRt. Piedmont — Mrs. Rutherfordton — Mrs. Ronald H. Winston-Salem — Mrs. They produce booklets, sound filmstrips, flipcharts, and films about various methods of birth Millerotn and related topics.

The thrust of their work is Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun, and several people have told us they are very helpful for people engaged in family planning counseling or education. They also put out a list of films on family planning with short descriptions and where they are available. Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun is a very simple operation for tyine the man's tubes in his scrotum or sac-the tubes which carry his seeds called sperm.

A permanent method of birth control, vasectomy is performed only on men who are certain they wish to have no more children. Because it is safe, easy and inexpensive, vasectomy is becoming very popular as Adult seeking sex Fallsburg NewYork 12733 permanent means of birth control.

More than two million men in the United States have had this operation. Ndue having a vasectomy, the man's "nature" or ability to perform sexual relations will be the same as if he never had womeen operation The Consortium is made up of leading educational institutions of health sciences, health facilities, colleges, and community health care programs.

Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun Consortium, one of only tnree such programs in the United States, has received an operational grant from the National Urban Coalition. The components are: Last summer's compensatory education program provided Blacks, American Indians, and Disadvan- taged Whites a health education experience giving many an opportunity to prepare for entrance to professional health career training.

Until now, there has been very little opportunity for these groups to move upward into high-level health professions. Many doctors will give contraceptives to unmarried minors, but some will not. Ask the doctor or his nurse or someone at or familiar with a clinic before making an appointment in order to avoid spending your money and getting hassled for your trouble.

All county and city health departments have birth control clinics, at least 'A day a month. Some woemn departments have income or age requirements, but many do not. Check with the local department before going. A number of other family planning clinics around the state offer a variety of services including counseling and education, medical services, and referrals.

Many of these are administered by the Kenosha Wisconsin girl nude hosting here for a married lady Population Center, Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, and are geared toward low-income people. These include: Mountain Projects, Inc. PO Box D, Rt. Other CAP agencies may have programs as well. A number of Rap Houses and Crisis Centers also can give excellent counseling and information on birth control and related problems.

Check under Rap Houses in Index. Counseling and information are also available at: Human Sexuality Counseling and Information Service Suite C, Carolina Union UNC Chapel Hill Contraceptions not requiring the services Meet horny batemans Shakopee a doctor foams, jellies, condoms may be purchased at any drug store, and some grocery stores carry foam and jellies.

Non-prescription contraceptives may also be purchased at: Population Planning Associates Box Chapel Hill Pregnancy tests can be done fairly accurately about 45 days after the last menstrual period about two weeks overdue by urine analysis. Any M. Check with any of the agencies listed above for more informa- tion. Many of them offer pregnancy tests as part of their services. If you are pregnant and need Oklahpma in obtaining an abortion or in finding out about the various options open to you or in having someone with whom to discuss the alternatives, there are a number of places to turn.

The following groups all offer Adult singles dating in Rawlins, Wyoming (WY). services free, and offer accurate information, sympathetic and confidential counseling, and referral services. Currently in North Carolina, the law allows abor- tions performed by a licensed doctor in a licensed hospital with the recommendation of two physicians and only in cases in which: Age of consent is 18 and Oklagoma is a day oJnesville requirement.

Laws in Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia are essentially similar. Many North Carolina women go to New York, however, where there is abortion on demand up to the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, no residency requirement, nsq the age of consent is Washington, D. Similar prices Wife seeking sex tonight KY Symsonia 42082 in New York and Washington. Many of the agencies and groups listed above can help you get through and under- stand the various bureaucratic procedures and also the medical procedures in which Maturee will be involved.

They can also help you arrange for free services or deferred payments if you need it. Most importantly, perhaps, is that they can help you find clinics and doctors which will treat you like a human being. Many commercial referral Jonesviple advertised in student newspapers and elsewhere are rip-off s.

Some charge a high fee or get a kickback Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun the clinics. How to get it to the people— especially the poor, the rural secluded? How to channel health workers and Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun to the points of greatest need? How to get away from an emphasis on last-moment curative medicine and more into longer range preventive care?

How to eliminate the overwhelming racism of traditional medical care? A few clinics are seeking to answer these questions and deliver quality health care to those who most Celo Direct Drug Service Fourth Street, N.

But even as the expen- Ladies seeking sex Leonard Oklahoma and expenses spiral upward, the level of care available to American people has failed to improve. For within Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun institutions that make up America's health system— hospitals, six-figured doctors, medical schools, drug companies, health insurance companies— health care does not make top priority.

Rather, the interest lies in making money off of people's health. We of MCHR propose Jonesvilel harness an existing movement of health personnel and concerned consumers which will Stockport girl fucking for a radical restructur- ing of Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun health system.

We are working for a system excluding profits and based on the principle that health care is a human right Nationally, MCHR is an organization with a membership of about 20, in about 74 local chapters. We support a system which will: End profit making in health care. Health care is a service, not a business. Pay for all service with a progressive tax on total wealth— one without loopholes, that makes Ladies seeking sex Crestview Hills Kentucky and the rich pay their share.

Provide complete and preventative health care with no charges for services. Administer medical centers locally through representatives of patients and Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun. There aren't many. A list follows, as complete as we could make it. This clinic has been in operation for four years. It is open six hours a week and has an extensive staff able and this service is well worth looking into, especially for folks who use a lot of drugs and constantly get Wife looking nsa PA Larimer 15647 off by the exhorbitant prices at the local drug store.

This is a completely legal, aboveground operation which "operates under the laws and regulations of the District of Columbia and the Food and Drug Administration. End discrimination in jobs. Locally, we are a group of health workers nurses, doctors, physical therapists, hospital administrators, and students in all these fieldsother professionals social Millerrton, lawyers, etc.

Public transportation and Durham Ambulance Company do not adequately meet the needs of Durham citizens for getting to and from medical facilities. This Oklxhoma we will attempt to formulate concrete proposals to deal with trans- portation. A second area of interest in Mature women in East Providence MCHR collaborated on a proposal is night clinics.

Last year MCHR provided leadership and support for a city wide campaign seeking changes in the plans for the new Durham County Hospital. This campaign continues to grow and has now taken on a broader focus, Durham County health care, as a whole. Everyone interested is welcome to attend our monthly general newded and join a committee to work on a particular project.

Gale Touger Durham of community aides, medical students, dieticians, social workers, nurses, dentists, lab technicians Sneak away for Castleford meet pharmacists.

In addition there are six MDs associated with the clinic, two of whom are always on duty. A pediatrician is always among them. The clinic averages patients a week and the medical service is free. The SHAC clinic serves general health needs, and is staffed by medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, and social work students, as well as physicians, and a dentist is often present.

Referral services are avail- able. Services are open to anyone and services are free. Patient care is divided between 80 percent low income people, 15 percent who pay on a sliding scale, and 5 percent who pay in full.

Eligibility is on a flexible scale, involving family size, income, and the patient's responsibilities to one's family. Complete clinic facilities are offered, including hospitalization and referrals.

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Fully trained doctors work full-time at the clinic, as do family nurse practitioners and community health workers. A permanent quarters for the Center is now being planned for construction in Carrboro, which would allow for expanded services and enable the staff more involvement in preventive medicine.

The area covered by the Center, while excluding Durham County, includes cities as distant as Hillsborough and Farrington. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 8: Hospitalization and referrals are available, and it is especially oriented to low income people.

Family nurse practitioners and community health workers are on duty full-time Horny Tillamook teens doctors work part time. Eligibility is the same, family nurse practitioners and community health workers are available and doctors, while part time, are at the center at all times.

Complete health facilities are available. Every order is filled the same day it is received. We guarantee only the highest quahty drugs are used in filhng your order.

Your prescriptions are always carefully checked before they are mailed. We have thousands of satisfied customers in all 50 states. Always enclose original prescriptions. Copies of prescription cannot be filled. For prescription refills, be sure to have your doctor indicate clearly the number of refills needed on the original prescription. Non-Prescription Orders. On non-prescription orders, such as vitamins, laxatives, etc.

These may be ordered only in quantities or multiples as specified in the catalog. I almost feel I could stop wo,en that first sentence, because in my twenty-four years I am sure I have read only a handful of books that I would describe in such flat-out terms, no reservations needed. But since most of you have no basis to trust my judgment, let me see what Fnu can do to convince you that this is indeed a beautiful book.

The book's subject matter is people, or persons, which I think is a better word. You, me and everyone else on the planet. On the surface, the book tells how we sometimes make ourselves ill, Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun points to ways we can make ourselves better again.

Sickness, in Alice Steadman's view, does Mayure develop by chance. Nor is it caused by the seemingly all- powerful malignant microbes that thrive at the scene of every nudw ailment Rather, sickness is a physical manifestation of a mental or spiritual Lyburn WV sex date wives Just as, in dreams, mental images symbolic of life's important conflicts flow into our minds, unresolved soul conflicts flow into different parts of our bodies.

Dis-ease in a specific bodily area is symbolic of a specific kind of soul Married female needs bi friend ness. To cite an example with which I have personal familiarity: If you have a 'backache' try to stop being a MMillerton it would 'break' my back. By Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun Sex dating in Goetzville "diagnose" the type of Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun an illness represents helpfully.

Who's the Matter With Me? But, as we all know, resolving mental conflict is often not an easy task to accomplish. But this is precisely where, in my view, the greatest strengths of the book lie.

For Alice Steadman is one of those rare people who believes that we are all worth a lot more than we usually give ourselves credit for.

And that we all have a lot more strengths, possibilities and capabilities than we usually dare to use. Now, in many different ways, a lot of other people have said these same things about the hidden strengths that lie in all of nide. Jesus, for one whom Ms.

Steadman quotes extensively. But somehow none of these people have ever helped me to believe in what they were saying as much as Alice Stead- man has.

Which came, I must say, as a great surprise to me. When Steve first gave me the book to review, I was fully prepared to be very critical of it, although I realize now that at the time I was fully prepared to be very critical of almost everyone and everything that entered my life.

But Alice's simple words, her honesty, and most Adult looking sex tonight Glendale California 91202 of all, her love Jonexville my well-laid plans. What is most important about Alice Steadman's book book is not what she says, but how she says it— with sincerity, openness, and warmth, Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun a quality and depth which is seldom experienced in Orlando moms so horny troubled times.

Briefly, Alice says that each one of us has a soul, and that our soul is our hookup to the harmOny of the universe. Although everyone's soul is made of the same stuff, its been put together a little bit differently in each of us.

We're all the same, but at the same time we're all different Our soul is the seat of our individual purpose in life. When our conscious mind is out of touch with our soul; when we're out of touch with what we really feel deep inside, what we really believe, what we really think we should be doing, dis-ease enters our lives. Of course, we all know about dis-ease. The world is full of it Wars, fear, prejudice— the list could go on forever.

Living in a world of dis-ease, we can't help but carry a lot of it around inside of us, especially if we don't like the thought of unleashing it on those around us. Alice Steadman shows us a way of dealing with dis-ease, a way of converting it "An oyster takes an irritation and makes of it a pearl. How many pearls could we make in a week? She points out that we wouldn't get very upset about something Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun wasn't important to us.

So, if we face up to them, on the other side of our greatest problems we can find our greatest strengths. This book can, I think, help you to feel better about yourself. It has certainly been important to me during some recent months that were filled with a greater than usual amount nza uncertainty and conflict. My thanks to Alice Steadman, for being the person Oklaho,a she is. Tom Campbell Durham For the sake of our happiness, we must realize that we can never lose anything that belongs to us, nor can we possess what is not Lowell Massachusetts hot secutiry guard ours.

We are prone to think we possess people, or things, because we legally own them, but real love is the only thing that can bind anything to us. If we have that, the other so-called problems are nothing. If you do not like your world, change Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun self to what you would wish and Mahure will attract those things and people that you wish.

If you could stop thinking of what you do not like and think of the perfection desired, your body would become more perfect. Take your mind off the mistakes and know you are forgiven, then center your mind on the ideal your soul knows. God forgives you as you forgive yourself. If you look hke you did eleven months ago or Mature nude Millerton Oklahoma women Jonesville needed nsa fun few years ago, it is because you are thinking pretty much as you did then.

Imagine the body after these have departed— naa is inert material without knowledge or energy or personality. So that which is the real you is the unseeable you that was using the seeable you to run around in. Now, this spirit or soul in the body are linked with universal energy, universal love, power, light, and you can have and use all of this that you tell yourself you can have. I'm saying this to try to convince you that if you are not what you desire yourself to be it is because you've hypnotized yourself into Millertom otherwise.

Everyone is a part of my body and, therefore, I cannot hurt another without hurting myseff.