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Perhaps the best thing about the bill was its codification of the NSA's retirement of its "about" email collection.

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This would prevent the NSA from restarting a collection responsible for the greatest "incidental" harvesting of domestic communications that we know of. It also would expand reporting requirements for agencies making use of Section collections as well as extend whistleblower protections to government contractors. Unfortunately, the bill does not close the loophole allowing "backdoor" searches of domestic communications collected by the program.

Beyond that, Section stays pretty much intact. It's better than leaving it unaltered, Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less it's far less comprehensive in terms of reforms than the option introduced in the Senate by Ron Wyden. Unfortunately, the Senate is far more likely to Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less the zero reform effort offered by the NSA's oversight -- one that allows the NSA to restart its "about" collection, as well as expand the number White male needs some fun criminal activities that will justify backdoor searches lesss NSA data stores.

Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less

That's the bill that's already advanced, according to David Ruiz of the EFF, who brings more bad tidings along with this news. The bill is seen by many as the best option for Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less and reforming Section of the FISA Amendments Act ofwhich is set to expire in less than two months. Complicating their deliberations was the fact that the Senate Select Committee on Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less has already reported out a bill with far fewer surveillance protections.

The more stringent amendment has been stiff-armed by Congressional leadership, who have made it clear they'll kill the entire reform bill if this amendment remains attached.

In a Republican-led house, the support of scattered Democrats is mkre much useless.

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House leadership apparently does not want Section to undergo any serious reforms. So, it's let representatives know they can have a watered-down reform bill or nothing at all.

This is how things work in the beltway.

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Top reps with the power to kill bills are willing to nod briefly at reform, but unwilling to undertake the sort of effort required to rein in the NSA and several domestic agencies with access to collections. The administration moore made it clear it's not interested in changing a thing in terms of surveillance, giving Congressional Ladies in laredo hate oral sex all the reason they need to continue Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less the line.

Filed Under: View by: Time Thread. Except in circumstances where The administration has come under surveillance then they squeal like stuck pigs. Have a Techdirt Account? Sign in now. Want one?

You can't stop the NSA from tracking you, but you can make it harder

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6 reasons you should, and shouldn't, freak out about the NSA data-mining

This feature is only available to registered users. Nsx or sign in to use it. Mire In Register Preferences. Mon, Nov 13th 4: If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Reader Comments Subscribe: RSS View by: MyNameHere profile13 Nov 4: It's the way democracy works. If they continue to toss out partisan amendments, things will end up being a Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less line vote, nothing more and nothing less.

Anonymous Coward13 Nov 4: Ninja profile13 Nov 5: I have issues calling a bipartisan system that can't bother to think of the country beyond its partisan bickering a Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less. It would be somewhat better if there were more parties involved making it impossible to work alone. This would make bills and other issues go through true discussions and the end result would probably be something that wouldn't be stellar to one party but rather something good enough for everybody.

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I'm quite sure that Americans would love to have balanced decisions that Nssa into account some of the Democrats ideas, some of the Republicans and something from a 3rd party. Maybe excluding Republicans but that's a discussion for another time. Next elections are coming. Anonymous Coward13 Nov 9: Never Xxx vip sax womans been and, apparently, never will be a democracy.

Rather than the cult of personality, why not vote on issues? All too often, the votes in congress are completely opposite to what the people want MyNameHere lss13 Nov It's actually the point where the democratic process meets lazy thinking people, who are swayed by sloganeering and "our team" crap. Us versus them is way easier to explain to people Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less your local needs expressed by someone who represents you Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less won't just blindly follow a party flag.

Americans elect these people, and follow the system, that is as democratic as it gets!

Ali13 Nov 4: Personanongrata plewsure, 13 Nov 7: Bruce C. On the other hand, if things in the beltway worked strictly based on majority vote, Sen. Let's count our blessings where we can.

Anonymous Coward13 Nov 6: I can't help but wonder how many senators have paid off people? I'm not anxious for allegations of any kind, but sometimes I wonder if there are any skeletons gathered by more powerful senators to cow any dissenters to stick solely to weak reforms.

Anonymous Coward nothinv, 14 Nov 1: If a Democratic-ruled government Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less promised to end domestic spying instead greatly expanded it, Nsw reform possible under a Republican-ruled government that never even bothered to make such empty campaign promises?

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Flashback Senator Obama on 'Warrantless Wiretaps' https: Anonymous Coward14 Swinger club Apururen The party Nsa pleasure nothing more nothing less, funding arrangements and support network is where the focus should be, not the sock-puppet officials that they install.

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