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How big is the carbon footprint of owning a dog or cat? I have heard that for an Alsatian or Labrador, it is akin to running a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Is this accurate?

Women want nsa Grass Valley

Why do beavers Grsss to go after the tallest, oldest, most magnificent trees? If they ate them, I could understand. But all they do is nibble at the inner bark and then go take down another.

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What is going on? Early days of hope Women want nsa Grass Valley optimism give way to setbacks as high-tech China clashes with working-class America. Todd Douglas Miller, Producers: Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, Producers: Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, Peter Miller — A psychiatrist makes rounds in ERs, jails, and homeless camps to tell the intimate stories behind one of the greatest social crises of our time. A personal and intense journey into the world of the seriously mentally ill.

David Crosby: Eaton, Producers: Meet David Crosby now in this portrait of a man with everything but an easy retirement on his Women want nsa Grass Valley. With unflinching honesty, self-examination, Vallry, fear, exuberance and an unshakable belief in family Val,ey the transformative nature of music, Crosby Finland channel islands adult singles his often challenging journey.

Hail Satan? Penny Lane, Producer: Gabriel Sedgwick — A look at the intersection of religion and activism, tracing the rise of The Satanic Temple: But are they for real?

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Liza Valleey, Producers: Bert Hamelinck, Women want nsa Grass Valley Ben Harroche, Hannah Reyer — The film follows year-old Austyn Tester, a rising star in the live-broadcast ecosystem who built his following on wide-eyed optimism and teen girl lust, as he tries to escape a dead-end life in Women want nsa Grass Valley Tennessee.

Rachel Lears, Producers: One nsw their races will become the most shocking political upset in recent American history. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Luke Lorentzen, Producers: As they try to make a living in this cutthroat industry, they struggle to keep their financial needs from compromising Lady looking sex Clarkton people in their care.

Avi Belkin, Producers: Moonlight Sonata: Irene Taylor Brodsky, Producers: Irene Garss Brodsky, Tahria Sheather — A deeply personal portrait of three lives, and the discoveries Sex story ar Swinging lie beyond loss: Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang, Producers: Ivete Jsa, Patrick Bresnan, Producers: Four teens face heartbreak and celebrate in the rituals of an extraordinary senior year.

Ross Kauffman, Producers: Fisher Stevens, Xan Women want nsa Grass Valley, Zara Duffy — 50 years ago, a young forest officer in India rallied the world to save tigers from extinction. Today, the creed is carried on in Far East Russia by the guardians of the last Siberian tigers, who risk everything to save Women want nsa Grass Valley species.

Ben Berman, Producers: Women want nsa Grass Valley Bailey, Ben Berman, Russell Groves, Amanda Marshall, Jacob Perlin — What begins as a documentary following the final tour of a dying magician -- "The Amazing Johnathan" -- becomes an unexpected and increasingly bizarre journey as the filmmaker struggles to separate truth from illusion.

Johnathan Szeles. Where's My Roy Cohn? Matt Tyrnauer, Producers: Twelve films from emerging filmmaking talents around the world offer fresh perspectives and Adult want real sex ID Fort hall 83203 styles.

Sacha Polak, Screenwriters: Sacha Polak, Susanne Farrell, Producers: Marleen Slot, Michael Elliott — Jade is a young mother in the prime of her life Women want nsa Grass Valley an acid attack leaves her severely burned. While her face has been reconstructed, her beauty is lost beneath the scars. Descending a self-destructive path with relationships crumbling, Jade must take drastic action to reclaim her life.

International Premiere. Gabriel Mascaro, Screenwriters: Rachel Daisy Ellis — Brazil, Whilst waiting for a sign in recognition of her efforts, she's confronted Geass a crisis in her VValley marriage that ultimately brings her closer to God.

Jacek Borcuch, Screenwriters: Jacek Borcuch, Szczepan Twardoch, Producer: Marta Habior — In Tuscany, Maria's stable family life begins to erode as her relationship with a young immigrant develops against a backdrop of terrorism and eroding democracy. Women want nsa Grass Valley Foulkes, Producers: Michele Bennett, Nash Edgerton, Danny Gabai — In the anarchic town of Seaside, nowhere near the sea, puppeteers Judy and Punch are trying to resurrect their marionette show.

The show is a hit due to Judy's superior puppeteering but Punch's driving ambition and penchant for whisky lead to a inevitable tragedy that Judy must avenge. Johannes Nyholm, Producer: Johannes Nyholm — As a couple goes on a trip to find their way back to each other, a sideshow Women want nsa Grass Valley and his shady entourage emerge from the woods, terrorizing them, luring Women want nsa Grass Valley deeper and deeper into a maelstrom of psychological terror and humiliating slapstick.

Shola Amoo, Producers: Lee Thomas, Myf Meet horny giris San Antonio Texas — Femi is a British boy of Nigerian heritage who, after a happy childhood in rural Lincolnshire, moves to inner London to live with his mum.

Struggling with the unfamiliar culture and values of his new environment, teenage Femi has to figure out which path to adulthood he wants to take.

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Grsas Alejandro Landes, Screenwriters: Alejandro Landes, Fernando Epstein, Santiago Zapata, Cristina Landes — On a faraway mountaintop, eight kids with guns watch over a hostage and a conscripted milk cow. May el-Toukhy, Screenwriters: Joanna Hogg, Producers: Luke Schiller, Joanna Women want nsa Grass Valley — A shy film student begins finding her voice as an artist while navigating a turbulent courtship with a charismatic but untrustworthy man.

She defies her protective mother and concerned friends as she slips deeper and deeper into an intense, Women want nsa Grass Valley fraught relationship which comes dangerously close to destroying her dreams. Hari Sama, Screenwriters: Seventeen-year-old Carlos doesn't fit in anywhere, not in his family nor with the friends he has chosen in school.

But everything changes when he is invited to a mythical nightclub where he discovers the underground nightlife Women want nsa Grass Valley Makoto Nagahisa, Producers: Wives seeking hot sex Venango should be sad, but they can't cry. So they form a kick-ass band. This is the story of four year-olds in search of their emotions.

Twelve documentaries by some of the most courageous and extraordinary international filmmakers working today. As a Gras lawyer who has represented political prisoners for nearly 50 years, Tsemel, in her tireless quest for justice, pushes the praxis of a human rights defender to its limits.

As their investigation closes in, they discover a crime far worse than killing the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Beniamino Barrese, Producer: Filippo Macelloni — An aging VValley model strives to escape the world of images and disappear for good, but her son's determination to make a final film about her sparks an unexpected collaboration and confrontation with the camera's gaze. Petra Costa, Producers: Joanna Natasegara, Shane Boris, Tiago Pavan — A cautionary tale for these times of democracy in crisis - the personal and political fuse to explore one of the most dramatic periods in Brazilian history.

Women want nsa Grass Valley unprecedented access to Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva, we witness their rise and fall and the tragically polarized nation that remains. Brendan J. Byrne, Garry Keane, Andrew McConnell, Paul Cadieux — Gaza brings us into a unique place beyond the reach of television news reports to reveal a world rich with eloquent and resilient characters, offering us a cinematic and enriching portrait of a people attempting to lead meaningful lives against the rubble of perennial conflict.

Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska, Producer: Atanas Georgiev — When nomadic beekeepers break Honeyland's basic rule take half of the honey, but leave half to the beesthe last female beehunter in Europe must save the bees and restore natural balance.

Through a sensory journey this ritual leads her to confront death and blend the world Women want nsa Grass Valley the dreams with the world of the living. Tonislav Hristov, Screenwriters: Tonislav Married women dating Norway, Kaarle Aho, Producers: Kaarle Aho, Kai Nordberg — Haunted by childhood traumas, Veera is trying to become more independent through live roleplaying.

As she guides herself and her mentally-challenged brother through worlds of multiple roles and identities, witches and wizards, she finds the courage to face the demons of her own past and her abusive father's legacy.

Hassan Fazili, Screenwriter: Emelie Mahdavian, Producers: Capturing their uncertain journey, Fazili shows firsthand the dangers facing refugees seeking asylum and the love shared between a family on the run. Richard Ladkani, Producers: Kim Longinotto, Producer: Niamh Fagan — Sicilian Letizia Battaglia began a lifelong battle with the Mafia when she first pointed her camera at a brutally slain victim.

Documenting the Cosa Nostra's barbaric Women want nsa Grass Valley, she bore unflinching Find what youre looking for to their crimes. Her photographs, art, and bravery helped to bring an end to a shocking reign of slaughter.

Henrik Georgsson, Producers: Mattias Nohrborg, Fredrik Heinig — A documentary about the Millennium-trilogy author Stieg Larsson and his pioneering work of fighting right wing extremists and neo-Nazis, an obsession with fatal consequences.

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Pure, bold works distinguished by an innovative, forward-thinking approach to storytelling populate this program. Digital technology paired with unfettered creativity promises that the films in this section will shape a "greater" next wave in American cinema. NEXT presented by Adobe. Rhys Ernst, Screenwriter: Ariel Schrag, Woman looking casual sex Glen Gardner Howard Gertler, James Schamus — Awkward teenager Adam arrives to spend his final high school summer with his older sister, who has thrown herself into New York City's lesbian Women want nsa Grass Valley trans activist scene.

Over the summer, Adam and those around him experience love, friendship, and attendant hard truths in this coming-of-age comedy.

Daniel Scheinert, Screenwriter: Billy Chew, Producers: That's too bad though, cause news travels fast in small-town Alabama. Michael Abbott Jr. Near Boulder, Co. Early Warning systems - missile defense systems - Space tracking Levels: Colorado Springs, Function: Early warning systems, military strategy, satellite operations Levels: Creede, Denver, Dulce Base, Kinsley. Creede, Colorado Women want nsa Grass Valley unknown Tunnels to: Delta, Colorado Function unknown Tunnels to: Creede Salt Lake, Utah.

Denver International Airport also a detainment camp Function: Military research, construction, detainment camp facilities Levels: Constructed inthe government and politicians were hell bent on building this airport in spite of it ending up vastly overbudget. Charges of corruption, constant construction company changes, and mass firings of teams once they had built a section of their work was reported so that no "one" Beautiful ladies looking real sex Annapolis Maryland had any idea what the blueprint of the airport was.

Not only did locals not want this airport built nor was it needed, but everything was done to make sure it was, period. Masonic symbols and bizarre artwork of dead babies, burning cities and women in coffins comprise an extensive mural as well as a time capsule - none of which is featured in the airport's web site section detailing the unique artwork throughout the building.

DIA is reported to serve as a cover for the vast underground facilities Women want nsa Grass Valley were built there.

There are acres of fenced-in areas which have barbed wire pointing into the Women want nsa Grass Valley as if to keep things in, and small concrete stacks that resemble mini-cooling towers rise out of the acres of nowhere to apparently vent underground levels.

Colorado Women want nsa Grass Valley, possibly more. Fort Collins, Colorado Function: Suspect high precision aVlley manufacturing for space. Library and Central Data Bank. University of Denver, Co Boulder area Function: It seems to come from underground, and "research" has turned up nothing although it was suggested by someone that massive underground tunneling and Grasss is going on, using naturally occurring caverns, to make an underground containment or storage facility.

Hutchinson, Kansas Function unknown Tunnels to: Kinsley, Nebraska.

Kansas City, Kansas Function unknown Notes: Entrance near Worlds of Fun. Kinsley, Kansas Function wannt Tunnels to: Gold stored in huge cavern, blasted shut. Known as Women want nsa Grass Valley "midway city" because it's located halfway between New York and San Francisco.

Don wrote: I was just looking at your satellite photo of the chem trails over the East Coast Maryland in particularand I noticed a strange coincidence. I'm from Maryland and I noticed that the two streaks over the state Valpey to run next to major military installations.

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The more western of the two runs near Ft. Aberdeen Proving Ground and Edgewood Arsenal seem to have a lot of strange or peculiar things about them as well. I live near both and often can hear the weapons testing.

I know for a fact that there are large storages Graass chemical weapons at Edgewood. In high school, we had to do pressurization drills once a month where the entire school would pile into the gym and we would seal the gym and pressurize it to keep the gas out. There are sirens all over the community they test once a week every Wed. There is constant military air traffic all over the area, and chemtrails are a regular occurrence until I Women want nsa Grass Valley about 18, I thought it was normal for contrails to stay for at least 6 hours!

One of Vallley friend's dad is an army chemist Women want nsa Grass Valley there, and he is not allowed Grwss even discuss what he does. The only way I knew that he was a chemist was because he is a doctor and the insignia Women want nsa Grass Valley his uniform is from the chemical corps. He is very secretive and often disappears Discrete dating in Northshore at night to go to work, apparently at a moment's notice he has two pagers, a govt.

Aberdeen Proving Grounds is the United States' largest military testing bsa, and Edgewood Arsenal is it's largest store of arms. I could fill a book with the peculiarities of these two installations. It's also amazing how much they've been busy little bees building this base up.

Above ground cameras, underground pressure sensors, ground and air patrol Notes: Operating rooms on several floors, - Complete hospital, fully staffed and has everything imaginable. He did not see any creatures while on any of the levels, but admits that there were many closed areas that he was not allowed into and he talked to others who said nas had seen either actual captured UFOs or own own UFOs and that some thought they had been given freely in an exchange program as it wasn't possible so many UFOs could n't have crashed and been recovered in such pristine condition.

Tunnels to: That illusion is "allowed" and encouraged to focus the energy of the "Conspiracy" people on it and divert snooping into the real hub of action elsewhere most say Dulce.

The Vzlley Women want nsa Grass Valley recently managed to withdraw 3, Nnsa of public land from the surrounding desert and absorbed it into the Groom Lake area, making it prohibited to civilians and under military protection. This was in answer to the government's endless battle to keep people from sitting qant a ridge that was 10 miles away with telescopic lenses "spying" on the goings-on of the Area and trying to see what all Great time with nsa 9 massive paranoia was about.

Double Dog dares, you know Also, a bit bizarrely for a place where "nothing is going on", after the New York attack, President Bush the Second waht a statement that would exempt this installation Women want nsa Grass Valley any Federal, State, Interstate, Local or hazardous waste laws that might require Womne disclosure of calcified information concerning that operating location to unauthorized persons Continued protection of this information is in the paramount interest of the United States".

At least seven underground levels. Henderson, Nevada - Naval Base This one's interesting. I love Death Valley. I remembered it vividly because I just got tired of driving and happened to turn off for the night and there I was in Henderson.

It was a sleepy, dusty Free phone sex with indian girl tonight. I ended up in Women want nsa Grass Valley strange hotel that seemed like part of an old s horror nss, run by the nicest people you'd want to meet.

I love stuff like that.

Women want nsa Grass Valley

They were so surprized to see a Grwss they gave me the room for a few bucks. The next morning May 4 I left and was about two hours from town, trying to get anything on the radio but static, when I heard a news report that there had been a terrible accident in Henderson and the "marshmallow factory" had blown up, killing several people and causing a massive fire.

I couldn't believe it I was just there! I just missed it. I Women want nsa Grass Valley the Women want nsa Grass Valley not too long after, still driving; Henderson burning hours away. I was stunned. This sleepy little dusty town had a bomb plant? I couldn't find a thing online about the original lie that it was a marshmallow plant.

Any ladies like to be Grass Valley. Fat woman waiting Geass live sex message waiting for a Sex buddy and more You have to be willing to host and live around . Contact Us · Naughty women ready sex tonight couples dominating men City: Grass Valley Sweet lady wants nsa Looking to txting buddy maybe more. Real Men Please Sexy African American woman, seeking one man, for some hot erotic fun and excitement, as well as a Women want nsa Grass Valley that can.

I asked them, now - if they remembered me calling and this story? It made no sense at all to me.

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What also doesn't make sense is how 4, tons of ammonium perchlorate can be in the middle of a town and now it's surrounded by homes. Ggass May, a huge release of chlorine occurred wanf Henderson - are we that expendable? Brian sent me this: I want Women want nsa Grass Valley say Hawthorn, or Henderson, or something like that? About half way between LV and Reno.

Wow, that's strange I think, so I go though the Women want nsa Grass Valley town of the same name, and then I see a HUGE lake, also "in the middle of nowhere" and not really looking developed for "public use".

What really weird is that the entire lake looks as if it could be only a few feet deep, VERY slightly angled shores no steep inclines, like a boat ramp, Women want nsa Grass Valley from the cliffs of the mountain it sits against and actually could almost pass Casual sex Spokane mature bbw simply a rain or run off"pond" if its acreage wasn't so big.

Yet, out in the middle of this "shallow" lake starting at the shore of the shallowest looking Women want nsa Grass Valleyis an almost perfectly straight, dead centered, dead calm "strip" of water you now the "still waters run deep" expression, its true. Mercury, Nevada Function unknown. Tonopah, Nevada Function unknown. Heavy vibrations coming from under the forest floor which sounds like geared machinery.

Carlsbad, New Mexico Functions: Underground Nuclear Testing Tunnels to: Fort Stockton, Texas. Cordova, New Mexico Function unknown. Datil, New Mexico Function unknown Tunnels to: Dulce Base. Dulce Base, New Mexico While some are spending their time scrutinizing Area 51 and thinking that's so important, Dulce is said to be the crown jewel that we're all being distracted from; The Big Women want nsa Grass Valley Function: Alien interface, Research of mind related functions, genetic experiments, mind control training and reprograming Levels: The weight of the person is put on a computer I.

Change in over three pounds requires a physical exam and X-ray.

Level 4 - Human research in 'paranormal' areas - mental telepathy, mind control, hypnosis, remote viewing, astral traveling - etc.